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Impact Rebellion night two results: World title situation decided

The two-night Rebellion event concluded with Michael Elgin's attempt to walk out as World Champion.

Impact Wrestling returns tonight for part two of Rebellion. 

Last week we saw Willie Mack defeat Ace Austin to capture the X-Division Championship, Ken Shamrock submit Sami Callihan in an unsanctioned match, and Michael Elgin make a promise for tonight: he would leave as the World Champion no matter what. 

Read the full recap of Rebellion Night One here.

Cold open was a video package talking about reinventing oneself. It recapped the happenings of night one, and made special focus towards Michael Elgin’s threat. 

Chris Bey defeated Suicide, Trey Miguel, and Rohit Raju

Match started with all four men in the ring. We got an early standing switch with all of them until the babyfaces tricked the heels to just work on each other while they casually watched. Bey and Rohit took out Miguel and ganged up on Suicide, showing off and one-upping each other on who could hurt Suicide more. 

They discussed this enough to where they gave Suicide time to make comeback. He locked in an Octopus stretch on Bey while Miguel took out Rohit. Suicide locked both Trey and Bey on a double submission, but it allowed Raju to take him out. 

Bey, Raju, and Trey Miguel all exchanged strikes, leading Rohit to kicking both men to adjacent corners and hitting running elbows, sweeping Bey, hitting a Footstomp on Miguel for a two count. 

Suicide came back, hit a Springboard Armdrag on Raju, Rana on Bey, went for the Clothesline on Trey, but Miguel was ready, dodged with the Matrix, hit a kick combo. 

Chris Bey and Miguel went at it, with the latter getting a two count on Miguel. He then sent him out to the floor with a rana. Rohit got a school boy on Bey for a two count, but couldn’t follow up and got sent outside with a dropkick. 

Suicide faked Bey into hitting a dive on Rohit, and followed with a senton from the apron. Trey Miguel followed with a second rope flip over the ropes to take everyone out. 

Back in the ring, Trey got a two count on Rohit, hit the moonsault into a foot stomp on Bey for a two count, and finally went for a tornado DDT on Suicide. He was blocked and instead, Suicide got him up for the suplex and was met by a top rope plancha by Chris Bey. Rohit Raju broke Suicide’s pin over Trey.

Bey took out Rohit with a huge kick and got a two count with a double underhook slam. Rohit connected with a jumping uppercut on Suicide, but was caught by a Pele Kick from Trey. Suicide with the double palm strike, and Rohit with a jumping knee on Suicide. Rohit hit a swinging neckbreaker on Trey. X-Factor for a two count when Bey broke it up. 

Suicide took out Bey and went for the superplex on Trey. He was ready, however, and escaped, hit Cheeky Nandos, tossed Rohit into Suicide, and executed a double Trey19. 

Trey hit Meteora on Suicide, but Rohit tried to steal it, only for Chris Bey to return, kick Rohit, and steal the pin himself over Rohit.

Really good match, but it suffered from the empty arena, this is the type of match that excels when the crowd goes crazy for it. Chris Bey seems to be building to challenge Willie Mack.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne walked us through the recap of last week’s Rebellion, and ran down tonight’s card. 

Josh Matthews Facetimed Tessa Blanchard. He asked about not being able to compete. Tessa said that she was torn that she couldn’t be there, but that she was training everyday to come back stronger. Josh asked about Elgin’s threat, to which Tessa said that she’d love to shut him up, so unless he comes to Mexico, she won’t be walking out of Champion. 

We got a video package for #CancelCulture vs The Deaners. 

Joseph P. Ryan defeated Cousin Jake

Ryan started the match berating Jake, but also running away from him when Jake tried to get his hands on him. Jake overpowered Ryan with the lockup, forcing Ryan to once again run to the ropes. 

Jake kept that upper hand, taking out Ryan with a body block and a straight right elbow. Jake tossed Ryan around the ring, whipped him from corner to corner, getting a two count here and there. 

Ryan managed to cheap shot Jake and dodged his shoulder tackle, sending Jake shoulder first into the ring post. 

Back from commercial, Ryan had been working over Jake’s injured shoulder. Ryan went for a shoulder focused body slam. Jake blocked so instead Ryan sent him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He managed the body slam on the second attempt, then transitioned into a submission. 

Jake would try to mount a comeback, but time and time again, Ryan would use heel tactics to cut him off. Eventually, Jake landed a desperation suplex and a running tackle. He dodged Ryan’s lariat attempt, hit a backplex and finally got Ryan down.

Jake came back with some elbows and a discus clothesline for a two count. Jake clotheslined Ryan to the floor and followed with a plancha. That was followed by a second running plancha on Ryan, who was trying to make it back in the ring.

Cousin Jake hit a deadlift sitdown powerbomb for a two count. Ryan retaliated by snapping Jake’s shoulder on the ropes and hitting Sweet Tooth Music for a two count. 

Ryan went for a second superkick, but Jake blocked. Ryan rolled up Cousin Jake with a hand on the ropes to win the match. 

Pretty good match, especially for Cousin Jake.

Rosemary was at a bar talking about having to be in the Full Metal Mayhem match instead of Taya. She was facetiming Taya, who said that she was going crazy and had started wearing sweatpants. Taya started ranting until Rosemary stopped her. 

Rosemary told her that Grace was replaced by Havok, so Taya could fight her, but Taya refused. Taya told Rosemary that they should go to Las Vegas once she’s done with Havok. Bar Rosemary is the most interesting she’s been for a while.

We got a video package with both Rosemary and Havok, recapping their history together, trying to make sense of this match that improvised. They said that even if Havok helped them get out of the Undead Wastelands, their story was to continue with violence, not peace.

Rosemary defeated Havok in a Full Metal Mayhem match.

Both women had new looks for this fight. Rosemary cut a promo early before the match, telling Havok that they didn’t need to do this, she could chase after Su Yung, and she could go chase after Jordynne Grace. Havok rejected the idea.

Match started and the first move was Rosemary stapling Havok’s hand and stomach, at least until Havok blocked her and took her down with a clothesline. Havok grabbed the stapler, and as much as Rosemary pleaded for forgiveness, Havok stapled her over and over again. 

Rosemary hit a slingblade and followed up with punches. She brought out some transit signs and started striking at Havok, but once again, Havok had the power advantage and took Rosemary down with a big boot.

Havok went for a running tackle to the corner, but Rosemary dodged and Havok crashed into the chair in the buckles. 

Rosemary tied a chain around Havok’s neck and made a pulley to choke down Havok. Rosemary started cutting a promo during this, asking Havok what it felt like to kill James Mitchell. Havok eventually pulled the chain and took down Rosemary.

Havok brought in more weapons to the ring, including a foam pipe that bounced when she tossed it in. 

Havok hit a couple of running boots to the corner, and a third one into a garbage can lid. She smashed Rosemary’s face to a chair and tried hitting her with the chain, but Rosemary escaped, and pulled Havok by the chain into a chair, and from corner to corner. 

Suddenly, we saw Neveah standing close to the ramp, watching the match.  Meanwhile, Rosemary and Havok were brawling up the ramp, where Havok hit a Samoan drop on the ramp. They exchanged some more weapon strikes. At one point, Rosemary protected herself from a garbage can shot with a construction hat. 

Back in the ring, Havok tossed Rosemary into another cornered chair and chokeslammed her into a bed of chairs that didn’t give, all for a two count. She tried to choke Rosemary with the chain and chair, but eventually, Rosemary grabbed the ‘lead’ pipe and took down Havok with it for the three count. 

Another match that suffered from the lack of crowd, as the wrestling wasn’t particularly good, and the weapon spots are usually meant to get live pops. Josh Matthews was insufferable in this match as soon as Neveah came out.

Gia Miller interviewed Willie Mack and Rich Swann about his win last week. Mack said he always looked up to the X-Division champions of the past, and so he was really happy to now be part of that group. Swann told Mack that he had all that he needed to be the champion. Johnny Swinger interrupted them and asked for his promised title shot. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan from last year’s Rebellion. 

Miller tried to ask Elgin again about the championship. Elgin repeated what he said last week and said that it was unfortunate Tessa and Eddie were not there so he could send them to the hospital. He said that results won’t change and he’s still walking out the champion tonight. 

We got a video package for Michael Elgin, from his debut, and through his chase of the World Championship. Great stuff.

Michael Elgin came down to the ring, wearing his ring gear and mic in hand. Elgin cut a promo saying that it was Rebellion when he made his debut and promised to become the World champion. And that for the last year, his sights had not changed.

He called out Tessa and Eddie for being scared of him, and thus neither had shown up to their title match. Elgin brought out a referee and told him to declare him the winner by forfeit. Instead, he started bullying David Penzer. Before the referee could raise his hand, Moose interrupted him. He had the old TNA World Championship belt.

Moose took a mic and told Elgin that he understood the pain of working through and not having an opponent for tonight. They agreed that Tessa was holding the title hostage. 

Moose said that it was wrong to say there was no World champion right now, because he now had the TNA World Championship. 

Elgin cut him off and, in a babyface promo, said that for the last months, Moose had been running over the initials of TNA, but Elgin understood that while TNA was long past, those letters were now Impact.

Moose said that while Elgin was out there trading wins with Eddie, he was there defeating every competitor in front of him. Moose said that if he wanted a shot at him, he just needed to ask. Elgin was about to attack, but instead, Hernandez of all people interrupted them. 

Hernandez said that Moose has never beaten him. He ended up inserting himself into the match.

Moose defeated Michael Elgin and Hernandez in a triple threat match

Match started with all men brawling outside the ring, with Elgin getting the early upper hand with a tope con giro. 

Back in the ring, they took turns tossing each other around. Hernandez hit a springboard shoulder tackle on Elgin, but was cut off with chops by Moose. He hit a beautiful dropkick, but was then hit by a northern lights suplex by Elgin. Hernandez whipped Elgin around and hit an over-the-top bodyslam on Moose. 

Elgin and Hernandez traded strikes in the middle of the ring, with the latter getting the better of the exchange, but was then taken down with a low dropick from Elgin, who sunk in a single leg Boston Crab. Moose tried to break it, but got hit by a dragon screw and fell into a Boston Crab as well. Hernandez took down Elgin with a bodyblock. 

Hernandez went for a superplex on Elgin, but was stopped by Moose. Elgin dropped Moose and Hernandez and hit the latter with a missile dropkick for a two count. 

Back from commercial, Elgin is working over Hernandez in the corner with chops and elbows. Moose came back and inserted himself into the strike exchange, but was taken out by the other two. Elgin hit a couple of running clotheslines, but took a big time boot by Moose on the third. 

Moose hit an Okada dropkick on Elgin and went for the superplex on Hernandez. As he landed, Elgin connected with a twisting senton on Moose, sending all three men down.

All men exchanged strikes before Hernandez dropped them with some offense, getting a two count on Elgin with a senton as it was broken up by Moose.

Hernandez took out Moose with a clothesline as he started to look gassed out. He hit Elgin with a big boot for a two count. Hernandez teased the Border Toss, but Moose blocked him. They exchanged some more strikes. Moose caught Hernandez with two shoulder tackles and a pop-up Powerbomb, followed by a plancha for a two count. 

Moose went for the No Jackhammer Needed on Elgin, but the latter dodged, hit a trio of German suplexes, and went for a powerbomb, but Hernandez stopped him with a German of his own. Hernandez went for another German on Moose, but Elgin powered up and hit a double German on both, covering Hernandez for a two count. 

Elgin hit a kick combo on Moose, then went for a clothesline, but Moose blocked and they exchanged some kicks and elbows. Moose hit the Go To Hell for a near fall. Moose went for the No Jackhammer Needed on Hernandez, but was caught with a pounce for a near fall, broken up by Elgin.

Elgin dropped Hernandez with a big lariat and went for the Elgin Bomb, but was interrupted by Moose. Instead, Elgin hit a pop-up powerbomb on Moose, followed with a buckle bomb, but Moose fired up and came back with a desperation No Jackhammer Needed for a one count as Elgin was next to the ropes. 

Hernandez hit a spinebuster on Moose, but Elgin pulled him to try and steal his pin, but Hernandez was able to take it back. 

Elgin hit a backfist on Hernandez and landed a buckle bomb/Elgin Bomb combo for a near fall when Moose pulled the ref out. Elgin attacked Moose outside and, while rate, attacked the referee. Hernandez took out both Elgin and the new referee with a dive. 

Back in the ring, Moose hit No Jackhammer Needed on Hernandez and picked up the win.

This started off as a great Impact match, but as soon as Hernandez gassed out, the match felt like it was honoring the championship on the line, becoming a slow and boring match that ended with a ton of unnecessary overbooking. Elgin was the MVP of the match, no question about it.

After the match, Moose proclaimed himself the TNA World Champion, establishing him as the interim champion until Tessa can come back.

Final Thoughts -- 

Bad show by Impact. The first hour was fun, but then it all went downhill. With half of the original card not taking place, the replacement matches all felt like filler, and the main event was really hurt by the addition of Hernandez.