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Intercontinental title rematch announced for WWE Raw next week


After losing the Intercontinental Championship on Raw, Seth Rollins will be getting his rematch next week.

Rollins dropped the title to Dolph Ziggler tonight. The storyline was that Rollins called himself a fighting champion and issued an open challenge despite not being recovered from his match against Elias at Money in the Bank.

Ziggler accepted the challenge and won by pinning Rollins while holding onto his tights. Near the finish, Drew McIntyre caused a distraction that allowed Ziggler to get a near fall. Rollins tried to pin Ziggler while grabbing his tights (like he did against Elias), but Ziggler reversed it for the win. Ziggler and McIntyre laid out Rollins after the match.

Rollins later did an interview where he said he wasn't going to make any excuses by blaming his loss on it being so soon after facing Elias. Rollins announced that he would be getting his rematch against Ziggler next week.