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IYO SKY comments on WWE main roster call-up, name change

The 32-year-old spoke with Tokyo Sports recently.

IYO SKY has commented on her recent name change, main roster call-up, and what her time wrestling Asuka in Japan has meant to her career. 

The 32-year-old spoke with Tokyo Sports recently and said that she's been busy since her return at SummerSlam last month. 

"My life has changed in a good way. It's been less than a month (since my promotion), but I've been so busy that I don't even know how much time I've spent (laughs)," reads a translation of her comments. 

SKY also commented on her name change from Io Shirai to IYO SKY.

"I think it is a good name because the 'sky' in it conveys the image. The first letter of 'Io' was capitalized and the second letter was lowercase 'Io.' So it looked like a lowercase L and O (lo), or like a number, and some people misread it. Now it's all capitalized 'IYO,' which I think makes it easier to understand."

SKY made her main roster debut at SummerSlam alongside Bayley and Dakota Kai. She says that the three of them had been training in Orlando together before making their returns. 

"Yes, all three of us made our comeback to the ring at the same time, although in different situations, so we have a strong bond. In fact, the three of us practiced together in Orlando (Florida) before our return," she said.

SKY and Dakota Kai defeated the team of Asuka and Alexa Bliss in the semifinals of the Women's Tag Team Championship tournament on Raw this week. Asuka and SKY have a long history together in Japan. 

"It was a period of my career that was very important for me," SKY said. "I learned a lot from her, and she was like a big sister to me, and she has been ahead of me in the WWE as well. I am proud to be categorized as Japanese, but the fans tend to focus on Asuka-san. I want to break through that and express something different."

SKY also spoke about the ankle injury she suffered at NXT Stand & Deliver in April that kept her out of action until her return at SummerSlam. 

"I hit my foot on the announcer's table and broke my right ankle and had to have surgery. I was referred to a 'master ankle surgeon' in Alabama, who is a WWE official. Now I have one bolt in to hold the bone in place. I was unable to put any weight on my right leg for about a month, and I had to use a crutch and a wheelchair. It took me about three months to be able to put my full weight on it," she said.