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Jeff Hardy cleared to return, talks entering rehab after October arrest


During his appearance on WWE Backstage last night, Jeff Hardy announced that he's been cleared to return to the ring.

"I'm officially cleared, so I've been at SmackDown on FOX the last two weeks in a row," Hardy said. "I'm just waiting for the right creative spot to jump back in the mix."

Hardy said he'll be different when he comes back to WWE television and will be the 2020 version of Jeff Hardy. Hardy said he has tons of ideas of what he can do that's new and fresh.

Hardy has been out of action since April of last year. He said at the time that he would need to have his right knee repaired and that he expected to be out of action for six to nine months. He underwent surgery in early May.

The Hardys were SmackDown Tag Team Champions at the time of Jeff's injury and had to vacate the titles.

On Backstage, Jeff was asked about Matt Hardy's contract with WWE expiring. Jeff said he's hardly spoke about it with Matt and doesn't know what his plans are. Jeff said it's cool that -- even if they are in different wrestling worlds -- The Hardy Boys can go their separate ways and do their own thing.

Jeff also revealed that he arranged to enter in-patient rehab for the first time in his life the morning after his driving while impaired arrest in October. He called the decision one of the best things he ever could have done for himself.

Jeff said it's going to be so good to be back in front of the fans with the mindset he's in now. He said he knows there's something left for him to do in WWE. He isn't sure what it is, but he wants to make it happen.

Video of Renee Young's interview with Jeff from Backstage is available to watch below: