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Jerry Lawler & girlfriend involved in auto accident Saturday night

Jerry Lawler auto accident

Both WWE Hall-of-Famer and Smackdown commentator Jerry Lawler & girlfriend involved in auto accident Saturday nightJerry Lawler and girlfriend Lauryn Laine McBride have confirmed scattered reports that they were involved in a head-on automobile accident Saturday night.

The news was first reported at an independent show in Tennessee where it was announced to the crowd and said that they had gotten the information from Brian Christopher (Jerry's son Brian Lawler).  Jamie Dundee later had the same story, saying he heard it from Christopher. The word at the show was Lawler was fine but his girlfriend was banged up.

McBride posted Sunday: "Not exactly how we expected to spend our Halloween, but while on our way home from dinner (Peyton wasn't with us, thank God) a girl ran a red light and hit us, totaling the car. The airbag deployed, hitting me in the face (hence why I look like Sandy the Squirrel from SpongeBob), causing the swelling to my face...have to wear a silly brace and crutches for my knee for the time being. Thank God we are okay other than that and I think Jerry is Superman.  Not a scratch or anything.  He tried to cover me to save me from the airbag before it deployed. Thank God for my sweet BFF Haley Sterling Campbell for taking good are of me at the hospital tonight."

Lawler posted a photo on his Twitter account of the smashed up car and said "@Lauryn911 and I were in a car crash last night.  She spent four hours in emergency room but is home now. We were lucky," and then "@Lauryn911 and I were lucky things weren't worse than they were last night. My car not so lucky."