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John Cena: Touring with WWE full-time now would 'hit that point of diminishing returns'

After 20 years with WWE, Cena says he's thankful to only have a "minor list of injuries."

John Cena says he misses touring with WWE but at 45, being a full-time touring performer would "hit that point of diminishing returns."

The 16-time World Champion spoke to GQ Magazine recently and was asked if he misses touring with WWE. 

"I miss it every day. Every single day. But I’ll be 45 on April 23rd, and I was very fortunate to make it as long as I did with only a minor list of injuries. Nothing that has changed the trajectory of my long term health. I’m strong, flexible, and in really good shape externally, internally. I think now, being a full-time touring performer might start to hit that point of diminishing returns, and I have to be realistic when I look at that."

Cena's last match was on a WWE house show from Madison Square Garden on September 10, 2021. He teamed with the Mysterios and defeated Roman Reigns and the Usos.