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Johnny Gargano: 'Big part of me' only wants to wrestle until I'm 40

The 34-year-old wants to maximize what could be his last six years as a wrestler.

Johnny Gargano has said that a big part of him doesn't want to wrestle past 40. 

The 34-year-old took part in an interview with Chris Van Vliet recently and said he wants to maximize the remaining years he has left on his in-ring career. 

"There is a big part of me that says I only want to wrestle until I’m 40 and that’s only six years away at this point. So, I feel like I have about five years left to maximize whatever I want to do in this.”

Gargano continued to say that it had been his dream to be WWE Champion and wrestle at WrestleMania.

"There's also things that change those dreams like having a baby, wanting to be home more. There's a lot of things I'm juggling right now," he continued. 

"I'm just hoping that as this all plays out the right answer and right path will show itself to me."