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Johnny Gargano returns to WWE on Raw


Johnny Gargano has returned to WWE.

Gargano made his WWE return on Monday's Raw, appearing during the third hour. He had taken time away from wrestling to care for his newborn son with Candice LeRae.

He talked about while taking that time off, he questioned whether or not he wanted to do this anymore. He said one day he was playing with his son and remembered he had dreams of becoming the United States, the WWE Champion, and main eventing WrestleMania. He said what kind of father would he be if he didn't teach his son that the biggest dreams could come true. He said when he left he said you’ll never fail if you bet on yourself. He said he is doing that tonight and he stands here and is proud to say that Johnny Wrestling is back.

Theory then came out. He said a lot of things have happened in the last nine months. He mentioned that all the dreams Gargano has, he’s already done them. He said he couldn’t have done any of this without Gargano, as he took him under his wing. Theory said he could be his caboose, carry his bags, carry his briefcase and he could show Gargano “the way”. Theory eventually wanted Gargano to do the high five they used to do in NXT. Gargano acted like he was going to do it, but instead hit Theory with a superkick to end the segment.

Gargano hasn’t appeared on WWE television since the December 7, 2021 edition of NXT, where he gave a farewell speech before being laid out by Grayson Waller. His contract expired shortly after.