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Jon Moxley talks issues with WWE creative process on Talk is Jericho


Image: James Musselwhite

In his first interview since leaving WWE, the former Dean Ambrose opened up about the frustrations he had with the company's creative process.

Moxley appeared on today's episode of Talk is Jericho and discussed his decision to depart WWE when his contract expired in April. Here are some notes from the podcast:

- Moxley said he's never been happier and is in the absolute apex of life. He said it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of his shoulders. He has nothing but gratitude for WWE. He grew up there and WWE changed his life.

He got to live his dream and do so many amazing things in the ring. Moxley said getting the opportunity to be part of the Make-A-Wish program was a blessing. He also met his wife in the company.

- July 2018 (which was during the time he was out injured after tearing his triceps) was when Moxley pretty much knew that he was going to leave WWE. 

- Moxley mentioned a time when he was a major babyface on SmackDown and was given a backstage promo by a writer. It was Moxley describing the things he did on his way to the arena that day, but they weren't things that a cool or relatable person would do. Moxley said they weren't things someone you would root for would do, they were things an idiot would do.

Moxley wanted the promo changed, but Vince McMahon re-did it and put all of that stuff back in. When he went to talk to Vince about it, Moxley said Vince told him that it was "such good sh*t" and was what makes people like Moxley and connect with him. Moxley said he's had a million conversations with Vince that were exactly like this.

- Moxley then told two stories. The first was the day he physically looked at the calendar and started counting down the days he had left in WWE. The second was the day he absolutely knew he was gone and almost walked out.

The first story was a Raw in Los Angeles where the thread throughout the show was Seth Rollins challenging Moxley to come out to the ring to fight him. Moxley had several promos on the show that he didn't think made sense or told a tangible story. One promo was insulting the audience in Los Angeles and calling them smelly and disgusting.

Another promo included a line about Roman Reigns' leukemia that Moxley called distasteful. Moxley said Vince explained it in an innocuous way and gave him the "Vince Jedi mind trick." Moxley noted that it was his fault for being convinced, but as soon as the line left his mouth he couldn't believe he said it.

Moxley described the day of the show in Los Angeles. He called it exhausting, noting that he didn't think they accomplished anything. He thought they killed his angle with Rollins if it wasn't dead already.

- The day Moxley knew for sure he was leaving was a Raw in Milwaukee where he took part in a segment where a doctor gave him shots to inoculate him from the fans. Moxley questioned why he was always doing this "goofy crap."

Vince talked to Moxley about the segment and wanted to make sure he knew it wasn't comedy. Vince said it was such good stuff, so well written, and was going to get Moxley a ton of heat. Moxley said he had the feeling it was the last time he was going to tell Vince that -- if this is what he wants on his show -- Moxley is the best man for the job and would give his best effort to make it good.

Moxley said there was another line about Reigns' leukemia in this segment. Vince tried to talk him into saying it a little bit, but Moxley refused to do so. Vince said that was fine if Moxley was uncomfortable with it. Moxley called it "the worst line" and wouldn't say it on the podcast because of how bad it was. Moxley called it the type of thing where someone would've had to have been fired and WWE could've lost sponsors if it made air.

- Moxley said it's like WWE takes wrestling away from you. He called wrestling his first love, and now it feels like he has it back. Promos were his favorite part of wrestling, but they ended up becoming his least favorite part.

- When Moxley thought of ideas for his return after injury, he was excited to come back to wrestling but wasn't excited to come back to WWE. He pictured himself in CZW or Japan -- anywhere but WWE.

- Whether AEW existed or not, Moxley was still going to leave WWE. He said he still would have left if there were no other promotions or wrestlers in the world. He would have started his own school and trained his own opponents if he had to.

- WWE kept saying a new contract was coming, and Moxley was relishing the opportunity to tell them he wasn't interested. When the contract offer did come, Moxley didn't look at it.

- Moxley didn't think WWE would keep him on TV after he told them he was leaving when his contract was up. When he met with Vince about leaving, Vince said he wished Moxley would have told him about the problems he had with creative. Moxley said he tried to be as nice as possible and show his gratitude but also got everything off of his chest.

- Moxley didn't have a problem taking a bump for Nia Jax, but he thought it was WWE trying to bury him on the way out.

- Moxley wants to prove that WWE's creative sucks, doesn't work, and is absolutely terrible. He hopes a byproduct of AEW will be that WWE re-evaluates their creative process.

- In AEW, Moxley's goal is to finally be the best version of himself that he can be. He wants to have the creative freedom to come up with an idea and just do it.

- Moxley worked with retired wrestler "Sick" Nick Mondo, who is now a filmmaker, on the hype video that he released when his contract was up.

Moxley's appearance on Talk is Jericho is available to listen to below: