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Judge issues gag order in Jimmy Snuka murder trial


WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was arraigned today on charges of third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter regarding the death of his girlfriend Nancy Argentino in 1983.

During today's proceedings, the judge issued a gag order against the press,  meaning that while the case will be open to the public, prosecutors, Snuka's family and legal team as well as Argentino's will be banned from commenting on the case.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles Gallagher III requested the order following comments that he stated were "blasphemous" during last month's hearing of the case on the steps of the courthouse. Gallager also mentioned that he was contacted by the NBC news show Dateline in relation to the case, which was another factor in requesting the order. Robert Kirwan, Snuka's defense attorney, said that the Argentino family had also been working with Dateline, which caused the judge to add them to the gag order as well.

It was also stated during today's hearing by his defense attorneys that Snuka may not be competent to stand trial, and that if he is found competent they would want an out of county jury to hear the case. Judge Kelly Banach asked Snuka a series of questions during the proceedings which are normally asked to confirm whether or not a defendant is fit to stand trial.  It was shown that Snuka did not know today's date or the day of the week, or even the city where the courthouse was located.

"He has good days. He has bad days. Today is actually a good day" Snuka defense attorney Robert Kirwan stated.