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Jury rules in favor of Punk, Cabana in Amann suit


The jury in the case of Dr. Christopher Amann vs. Phil Brooks (CM Punk) and Scott Colton (Colt Cabana) ruled that neither man were liable for any damages against the WWE physician in the defamation lawsuit.

The jury took only two hours to deliberate. Punk and wife AJ Lee (April Mendez) began crying in court when the verdict was read. Amann was stoic.

Amann's attorneys were asking for $3,989,000 in damages, claiming $1 for every listener of the Art of Wrestling podcast that the Punk show supposedly had.

Punk's attorneys noted that WWE's medical records were not reliable because they never listed any of Punk's antibiotic prescriptions, and that the plaintiff's argument from WWE doctors that there was no lump was ridiculous given four witnesses coming forward who described it in detail besides Punk.

The key to the case appeared to be the testimony of Punk's massage therapist, who described the lump in detail, and of his wife, who said she noticed it starting at a zit-like size in August 2013 and it grew and changed color over the months.

While there was no proof the lump was a staph infection, let alone MRSA staph, as Punk had stated on the show, the jury evidently felt that Punk either misheard the doctor or of not, his exaggerations did not damage Amann's professional standing.