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Kairi Sane returns to the ring at WWE house show


Kairi Sane returned to the ring at WWE's Raw-brand house show in Lafayette, Louisiana on Friday night.

In what was Sane's first match since TLC, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Natalya defeated The Kabuki Warriors (Sane & Asuka) & Sarah Logan. Sane wrote about her return: "I'm back I love wrestling #WWElafayette"

Sane suffered a head injury when The Kabuki Warriors faced Lynch & Charlotte in a tables, ladders, and chairs match in the main event of December's TLC pay-per-view. Dave Meltzer wrote about the situation at the time:

The big story coming out of the show was an injury to Kairi Sane in the main event. It’s not clear exactly what happened but at some point she was knocked loopy. It may have been from an exploder suplex on the floor by Charlotte Flair, because there was an open spot near the barricade that didn’t have a mat and Sane hit her head on the floor. It could have happened earlier as a TLC match carries higher than usual risks, and this match featured throwing chairs. Sane at one point was throwing a chair into the ring, and it didn’t clear the top rope and bounced back and hit her. She was also hit when chairs were being thrown around.

But she was impaired, most noticeably when she didn’t take a spear from Flair correctly. Flair, not knowing anything was wrong, slapped her a few times. Later, Flair went to power bomb Sane through a table and you could see Sane was scared to death and didn’t want to take the move. Flair powered her up anyway and power bombed her through the table. Asuka may have told Becky Lynch during the match that there was a problem because Lynch was talking to both and at one point Lynch rolled Sane under the ring as a way to keep her out of taking any more punishment.

Sane had been pulled from upcoming matches after suffering the injury, though she did make appearances on Raw while out of action.

Sane & Asuka are WWE's current Women's Tag Team Champions. Asuka will challenge Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship at the Royal Rumble on January 26.