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Kairi Sane returns to the ring on WWE Raw


Kairi Sane was back in action on tonight's episode of Raw.

In her first match since May, Sane faced Sasha Banks on tonight's show. The match ended by disqualification when Bayley interfered as Sane had Banks locked in her Anchor submission. As Bayley and Banks were fighting with Asuka on the outside after the match, Sane took out Bayley and Banks with an InSane Elbow from the top rope.

Sane was also in Asuka's corner for Asuka vs. Bayley in the main event of tonight's Raw. Next Monday's episode will feature Asuka & Sane challenging Bayley & Banks for the Women's Tag Team titles.

Prior to returning on tonight's show, Sane was most recently in action when she was injured in a match against Nia Jax that was taped in May.

Dave Meltzer reported on Sane's status in the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Sane, 31, is returning to Japan to be with her husband. This has been in the works for a while and the company has known about it since May if not earlier. Sane was injured by Jax legit by being thrown into the ring steps hard when she was too close to the steps to control her bump on a Raw match taped on 5/26, which had to be stopped and was edited before it aired on television on 6/1. That’s why she hasn’t been around since, although she is cleared and is scheduled to appear on Raw soon as she is listed for the 7/3 tapings which would be for 7/6 and/or 7/13. But the decision at the time was to not harp on the injury on television nor talk about it at all publicly which is why they never played it up and her name hasn’t been talked about. The idea in play before the Sane-Jax legit injury was to do a career-ending injury angle with her later when it was time for her to leave, which was to set up Asuka against that person at SummerSlam for the title. This is also likely changed since Heyman left, and the person who would have most likely (not confirmed) been put in that spot would be either Flair, who may or may not be back by then, or Baszler, who Vince removed from television. The only thing we know is the person who ended her career was not scheduled to be Jax. While there’s been no talk about it of late, there had been talk that once her contract with WWE was up that she would wrestle one more year in Japan and then retire.