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Karrion Kross opens up about 'pretty incredible' WWE return

Kross and Scarlett appeared on After the Bell with Corey Graves.

Karrion Kross says the experience of returning to WWE and being offered everything he had been "striving for" is difficult to put into words. 

Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux appeared on an episode of After The Bell released on Friday. During the conversation, they spoke about being released from WWE in November and eventually returning to the company on the August 5 edition of SmackDown. 

"I was nervous that I wasn't going to feel those same butterflies anymore," Scarlett said of her return. "Because I did become almost too peaceful and content with not being there. Just going through day by day, I'm like I love wrestling, I don't need it to make me happy because at one point my identity was completely associated with my career, like that was everything about it."

"I was most worried when I went out there, 'Am I going to feel that?' And oh my God, everything is back like rushing in and it's just as special as the first time I ever had my first match. It was perfect, it was amazing," she continued. 

Kross was also asked about his experience of returning to the company he had been released from months earlier. 

"It's really hard to find the words, man. To want something so bad and then to have to accept that that's not a reality anymore and then to get a call one day, out of the blue, and to be offered everything you've been striving for, it's pretty incredible." 

Scarlett continued to say that accepting WWE's offer was an easy decision to make. 

"When Hunter called us, he was the best boss we'd ever had so it was a complete no-brainer. It was just like, no other company has ever compared to it. We trust him, we definitely trust him with our characters and storylines so it's absolutely perfect." 

"I always felt respected and heard by Hunter and even more so now," she continued. 

Earlier in the conversation, Kross was asked about his release from the company last November. He said that he knew he was not doing his best work on WWE's main roster at the time. 

"I can compare it to a comedian being called up to play the biggest stage they've ever been at in their entire lives but then the promoter basically says, 'Hey, you can't hit your best jokes.' It's like you've been scratching and crawling to be in front of the biggest audience your entire career and then you can't hit your best stuff and it was difficult." 

Scarlett also spoke about her release from the company. 

"My immediate feeling was I was just straight up pissed. I'm like, 'Dude, we're awesome, we've been killing it.' I know we're great to work with, we get along with everybody and I'm like, 'What are they thinking?' That was my first reaction."

After their release, Scarlett said she felt confident they would end up back in WWE at some point. Kross, on the other hand, was skeptical that they would return. 

"You wake up every morning and you chase this WWE thing before you are even there. I always looked at every single show I did before WWE as a dress rehearsal for WWE," he said. 

"When you are put in a position where that is taken from you, as a grown man, you have to let it go. You have to let it go and you need to shift your energy in a different direction that's going to work for you."

"I had to let it go and as I let that go, I began to study things and get involved with different business and I began to have this fear that I was beginning to enjoy other things a lot more and some of those things could have become contractual and if they did call back, what was I going to do?"

Kross also revealed that he considered going into MMA and bare-knuckled boxing as well. 

"Here's some breaking news, so Daniel Gracie is one of our head instructors for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he was urging me to relocate to Philadelphia to fight in the UFC. Then on top of that, while that was going on, I was speaking with David Feldman from Bare Knuckled Fighting Championships and I was on the verge of taking a three fight deal." 

Kross also revealed that he wrote a book during his time away from WWE as well. 

"I wrote a book and it is in the editorial process," he said. "It's a memoir of my life and there is obviously a lot of wrestling involved but while I've had all this time to think and be away, I just wish that I had a book like this or I wish I knew somebody who could kind of talk to me about this stuff growing up because I didn't have anybody like that and so I wrote the book with the intention to help people that are in similar situations or if you just want an entertaining read."