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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn returning to WWE TV soon


WWE is advertising that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will be returning soon.

Separate hype videos for Owens and Zayn aired during tonight's episode of Raw. They ended with the announcements that Owens and Zayn will be returning soon, though dates for their returns weren't given.

Zayn sent out an in-character tweet after his video aired: "During this time off, I've been working on becoming a better person, and letting go of a lot of toxic elements that come with egotism & ambition. But I just watched that teaser for my return on #Raw and remembered how good I am at pro wrestling. I actually forgot how great I am."

Owens underwent double knee surgery in October, though neither surgery was considered to be major.

In June, WWE announced that Zayn had undergone surgery for a torn right rotator cuff and would also be undergoing surgery for a torn left rotator cuff. Zayn had the surgery on his left rotator cuff in August.