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Kevin Owens apparently fine after Money in the Bank match


Kevin Owens is apparently fine after last night's Money in the Bank match.

Owens was helped to the back after the match with an apparent leg injury off camera after the main event Money in the Bank ladder match ended last night in St. Louis, Missouri.

He had taken a number of major bumps including being slammed off the top rope onto a ladder by Sami Zayn where he could have been injured, although he came back and continued the match and there didn't appear to be anything wrong when watching on television.

But we're told Owens is fine and there is nothing serious.

The SmackDown crew has a house show tonight in Indianapolis, Indiana before Tuesday's live television from Dayton, Ohio which includes the return of Daniel Bryan, which is supposed to include both a ruling on the women's Money in the Bank match and an announcement pertaining to SummerSlam.