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Kevin Owens to face Seth Rollins on next week's WWE Raw


Kevins Owens has challenged Seth Rollins to a match for next week's WWE Raw. WWE later confirmed the match on social media.

The challenge came in the aftermath of tonight's Raw main event, where Owens took on WWE Champion Big E. Rollins interjected himself into the match on Owens' behalf, attacking Big E while the referee was distracted. Big E went on to defeat Owens with a crucifix in spite of the interference from Rollins. 

Earlier in the show, Rollins offered to help Owens in the match, plus offered Owens the first shot at the WWE title should Rollins defeat Big E when they eventually face off. Owens declined the offer, but Rollins inserted himself into the match anyway. 

Rollins earned the next title shot at Big E with a win a fatal four-way ladder match on last week's Raw. Rollins is a former two-time WWE Champion, holding the title in both 2015 and 2016. Big E is in the midst of his first WWE Championship reign, winning the title after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on the September 13 Raw against Bobby Lashley.