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Kevin Owens returns to WWE TV on Raw, hosts KO Show


Kevin Owens was back on WWE TV tonight during Raw.

He returned hosting a KO Show featuring Riddle as his guest. He said he had taken a few weeks off in order to calm down over his recent feud with Ezekiel. He said he no longer cared about the Ezekiel/Elias/Elrod situation and wished them the best.

Owens then turned his attention to Riddle and suggested they team together, going by the name BroKO. Riddle called him a liar and was uninterested. It eventually turned out to be a setup, with Rollins attacking Riddle, who became distracted as Rollins' music was playing. He eventually gave Riddle two stomps.

A rematch between Owens and Ezekiel was originally set for the June 27 edition of Raw. However, the match never took place, with announcer Jimmy Smith saying that the match had to be rescheduled. It was later reported that Owens wasn’t at Raw due to an issue that was “nothing serious”.

During his absence from WWE TV, Owens appeared on the NHL Draft, surprising hockey coach Bruce Boudreau.