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Kevin Owens set for WWE house show tour despite firing angle


Though his firing angle has yet to be fully resolved, WWE has offered a storyline explanation for why Kevin Owens will be on this weekend's house shows.

Shane McMahon tweeted today: "While considering a resolution to this ludicrous lawsuit, I will allow @FightOwensFight to perform on @WWE’s upcoming tour of The Philippines, China, and Honolulu, Hawaii."

The SmackDown brand has house shows in Manila, Philippines this Friday (September 20), Shanghai, China on Saturday (September 21), and Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday (September 22).

Shane "fired" Owens on SmackDown last week after Owens refereed Shane's King of the Ring semifinal match against Chad Gable. Shane suggested that he would rescind Owens' $100,000 fine if Owens helped him win the match. Shane made it a two-out-of-three falls match after losing to Gable quickly, but -- despite Owens trying to help him -- Shane still tapped out to an ankle lock after Owens stopped him from using a steel chair.

The storyline continued on SmackDown last night. Owens appeared in the crowd and Shane was served "the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history." Owens said the lawsuit also includes a clause where -- if Owens wins -- he'll be able to fire Shane.