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Kofi Kingston replacing Mustafa Ali at WWE Elimination Chamber


Mustafa Ali is officially out of Sunday's Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship.

Due to a concussion, it was confirmed on tonight's SmackDown that Ali won't be wrestling at Sunday's pay-per-view. Kofi Kingston is taking his place in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE title, with Daniel Bryan defending against Kingston, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy.

Ali worked house shows over the weekend but missed Monday's event. On SmackDown, the storyline explanation was that Ali isn't cleared for Elimination Chamber due to injuries that have accumulated.

Video of a promo from Ali aired tonight. Ali said there's nothing more frustrating than your body giving out before your heart does. He mentioned that wrestlers keep trying to put him down, but he won't stay down.

It was announced that a New Day member would be replacing Ali, and that was confirmed to be Kingston as tonight's gauntlet match between the Elimination Chamber participants began. Kingston started the gauntlet with Bryan. The match lasted for the final hour of SmackDown, with Kingston defeating Bryan, Hardy, and Joe before losing to Styles.

Orton ambushed Styles and hit an RKO to win the gauntlet match. Orton will enter the Elimination Chamber last on Sunday.