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Kurt Angle reveals his big secret on WWE Raw


After months of speculation, the storyline surrounding Kurt Angle and his secret led to a revelation on Raw tonight: he has a son, and it’s none other than one half of American Alpha, Jason Jordan.

Angle made the announcement at the top of the third hour of Raw. He revealed that he had a relationship with a woman during his college years. They broke up, but nine months later she gave birth to a baby boy. The son was adopted to loving parents, with Angle being unaware of the pregnancy or the birth until recently, and eventually grew up to be Jordan, who he also announced as the newest member of the Raw roster.

He said that in making the announcement, he had the full support of both his family and the WWE.

The storyline had been building for months, with Corey Graves sharing text messages with Angle in various backstage segments. Angle felt the need to make the announcement after more information came out last week, ending Raw with an “I love you” to what is now known to be his (in storyline) son.

Jordan had been absent on SmackDown recently, with Chad Gable becoming a regular as a singles competitor in recent weeks.

Jordan posted on Twitter shortly after the reveal: “I am proud to be Gold-Blooded!!”