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Lacey Evans moved back to WWE SmackDown roster

Evans had been advertised for a Raw match on this week's episode.
Lacey Evans

Plans continue to change when it comes to Lacey Evans returning to the ring in WWE. 

After being slated for SmackDown, then moved to Raw, Evans is now again a part of the SmackDown roster. PWInsider reports that WWE has shifted Evans back to SmackDown after moving her to Raw last month. 

Evans' re-debut after maternity leave was originally slated for SmackDown, and a series of vignettes aired on the show over several weeks in April and May. Evans made one appearance on SmackDown in front of a live crowd on May 6, then was shifted to Raw the following week. 

Evans delivered an in-ring promo on Raw on May 16, did not appear on the May 23 Raw, then her re-debut match was advertised for the May 30 episode, but did not take place. 

Evans' most recently wrestled on the February 15, 2021 Raw, tagging with Peyton Royce against Charlotte Flair and Asuka. Evans went on maternity leave later that month, then gave birth to her second child in October 2021.