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Lacey Evans now a member of WWE Raw roster

Evans will reportedly be a heel going forward.

Lacey Evans is now a member of the WWE Raw roster.

Starting in April, videos began airing on SmackDown with Evans telling her life story of how she overcame growing up in an abusive family where her father had mental health and addiction issues. But -- for the first time since they began airing -- one of Evans' promos was shown on Raw last night. It recapped the story she has told up to this point.

PWInsider reports that the reason the video aired last night is because Evans has switched brands and is now on Raw. PWInsider noted that Evans is going to be a heel going forward.

"WWE has officially moved Lacey Evans to the Raw roster, has confirmed," the report said.

"Despite all the videos that have been used to build her return, Evans is going to be a heel going forward."

Evans announced in February 2021 that she was pregnant with her second child. She gave birth to a baby girl last October.

Evans made her in-person return on SmackDown last Friday, where she was introduced and briefly appeared in front of the live crowd. Though she appeared to be a babyface in her interactions with the fans, ring announcer Samantha Irvin said while introducing her that Evans had asked the audience to "show the proper respect."