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Lacey Evans returns to WWE SmackDown, cuts babyface promo

Evans told a story about the adversity she's overcome to get to where she is today.

A member of the women's division made her return to WWE television on the WrestleMania 38 fallout edition of SmackDown.

After being away for more than a year, Lacey Evans returned to WWE TV on SmackDown tonight. She cut a babyface promo about the adversity she's overcome to get to where she is today.

Evans spoke about having a rough upbringing due to her father struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Evans said the physical, emotional, and mental abuse got to be too much for her mother to take and watch. Her mother loaded their stuff up and picked the kids up from school -- and they left without Evans' father knowing.

Evans said she spent much of the rest of her life moving around to different shelters and campgrounds. Moving around made her learn that she could either adapt and overcome or give up. Evans said she refused to give up.

Evans said what she had to go through made her the woman she is today: a motivated, ready for anything, confident, and caring mother, wife, sister, daughter, United States Marine, and WWE Superstar. While that doesn't make her better than anyone else on the roster -- Evans said they damn sure aren't better than her.

This was chapter one of Evans' story. Her story will continue on SmackDown next Friday.

In February 2021, Evans announced that she was pregnant with her second child. She was involved in a storyline with Ric Flair and Charlotte Flair on Raw at the time.

Evans gave birth to a baby girl last October.