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Lesnar and Reigns to go face-to-face on WWE Raw next week


A confrontation that was set to happen one week ago will instead take place next week.

Paul Heyman mentioned during his promo tonight on Raw that Brock Lesnar will be at Raw next week to confront Roman Reigns, the number one contender for the Universal title. After the announcement, Reigns came out and said he didn't want Brock Lesnar to prepare for a "promo segment" -- he wanted him to prepare for a war.

The original confrontation was scheduled for last week's Raw after Reigns won the Elimination Chamber the night before to become the new number one contender. Reigns came out and instead said that Lesnar didn't show up, saying that Lesnar never cared about WWE or the people and that he only shows up when he wants to. The idea going forward is for Brock Lesnar to be portrayed as someone who doesn't care about WWE and is only doing it for the money while Roman Reigns is on Raw every week.

Raw next week will be at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.