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Live notes from the first episode of WWE SmackDown after the draft


By Joseph Woodbury III

Dark Match: Kalisto vs. Viktor of the Ascension

Kalisto won via pinfall after Salida del Sol.  

It looks like they might try to do something with Apollo Crews yet. And even though the state of the tag team division is up in the air, I think Crews & Kalisto would make a fun tag team at some point.

For WWE Main Event:

Hype Bros vs. Vaudevillains

I think Rob Gronkowski and/or his family were in the 3rd or 4th row behind the announce table. They're from the Buffalo area. Either way, Mojo had a cheering section there. Zack Ryder got the pinfall victory.

Tyler Breeze with Fandango vs. Jey Uso

Breeze won with a superkick to Jey, who was sitting on the top turnbuckle with his head slouched between his legs. I don't know what he calls the move. Perhaps this the new Glamour Shot, like Dean Ambrose kept the name Dirty Deeds for his finishers.

Jey wasn't accompanied by his brother.

Dark Main Event: Bray Wyatt & Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Crowd popped for Rollins. I don't know if this match was advertised locally, but I don't think anyone was expecting any Raw talent. Roman was heavily booed. Seth went for a tag but Bray stepped off the apron. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds for the pin.

The crowd was super hot all night. A lot of people got good reactions. I think Daniel Bryan got the biggest pop. He's so over they cheered a battle royal announcement from him -- think about that.

A return date was announced for November 14, Monday Night Raw. Presale code: WWERAW

Building looked pretty full by the time SmackDown started, although the the top section was trapped off.

They had merch from the top stars for both brands.

We couldn't hear the first post-match ringside interview with Apollo Crews, but were able to hear the one with Becky Lynch.