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Logan Paul addresses decision to sign with WWE

Paul signing with WWE was officially announced on June 30.

Logan Paul recently addressed his decision to sign with WWE.

Speaking on his ImPaulsive show on Tuesday, Paul commented on his "multi-match deal" with the company.  

"It is true, I signed a multi-match deal with the WWE," Paul said on the show. "We announced it, it went crazy viral and I love the response. People are excited to see me in the WWE."

Paul continued to talk about the three main reasons he decided to sign with WWE. 

"For me, there's a trifecta that I look for that decides what I do," he continued.

"When I can mix passion, business, and media all into one thing, I'm like ultimate me, happy place. So passion, when I did WrestleMania I had so much fun. I just had fun, all my friends had fun."

"Business, it's smart, they pay well. WWE, it's a big organization."

"And media, it's a show, it's great performance and entertainment. So, I'm excited for this journey and I am well aware of how powerful of a launch pad it can be for whatever I want to do in life."

"WWE is a good opportunity for me to leverage one of the biggest brands in the world for my own should I show up, should I work hard, go do the performances, impress the fans, and just become that WWE character that is either notorious or loved."

"I don't know if I'm going to be a heel or a babyface," Paul continued. When asked which he would prefer, Paul noted that he's "just not a heel anymore" and would be coming for The Miz at SummerSlam.