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Madcap Moss return announced for next week's WWE SmackDown

Just one segment has been announced for next week's episode.

Madcap Moss will return to WWE SmackDown next week. 

After missing two episodes of the show to sell injuries from a Happy Corbin attack on the May 13 SmackDown, Moss announced his return on social media on Friday, and it was later confirmed during this week's show. 

Corbin attacked Moss on the May 13 SmackDown, then Pillman-ized Moss's head and neck with a steel chair and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. Moss won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal on the April 1 WrestleMania SmackDown episode of the show.

Moss and Corbin had been aligned, but the two split on the April 8 SmackDown show.

Corbin responded to the news of Moss's return with a promo that WWE released on social media following the conclusion of this week's SmackDown.

Moss's return is the only segment announced so far for next week's episode. 

WWE SmackDown, Friday, June 3--

  • Madcap Moss returns