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Matt Hardy: WWE may have 'jumped the gun' releasing Jeff Hardy


Matt Hardy took to Twitch tonight with a promise to address the status of brother Jeff Hardy, who was released by WWE last week. 

During the stream, Matt repeatedly stated that he is not worried about Jeff, and stated that WWE "may have jumped the gun" in releasing Jeff. Hardy was sent home after a WWE house show in Edinburg, Texas on December 4. His release was announced on December 9. 

"Before anyone rushes to judgment, obviously they [WWE] drug tested him after all this stuff, wait until you hear the results of that and when that comes back clean then hopefully people will feel better about it," Matt said. 

"They [WWE] felt like they were backed into a corner because of his [Jeff's] history. Even though they may have jumped the gun with this a little bit, they made a decision and it is what it is," Matt said. 

Matt also said that WWE asked Jeff to go to rehab, but Jeff refused because he did not think he needed to go, "And I don't think he did either," said Matt. 

"Jeff is in the best place I've seen him in a very long time," said Matt. "As far as the details of what went down on that evening, and in that match, I've talked with Jeff, I feel good about everything he said and that's Jeff's story to share. And he told me he will when he's ready to."

Also on the stream, Matt and Reby Hardy said that they have talked to Jeff about starting a Twitch channel and doing music and art streams. Matt also said that Jeff was excited to start doing Cameo video messages, and that the two would like to do more Final Deletion-style matches together.