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Michelle McCool reveals positive COVID-19 test


Former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool has revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this week.

In an Instagram post on Friday, McCool thanked everyone who has checked on her. McCool wrote that she has no clue how or where she caught COVID-19 but is blessed to only have mild symptoms. McCool noted that she's the only one in their house who has COVID-19 and wrote that her husband Mark (WWE's The Undertaker) is holding down the fort.

McCool wrote on Instagram:

Word round here seems to spread as quickly as this virus ....soooo, thank you to all who have checked on me!!! Not trying to hide it (just been too tired to post). What I thought were my allergies, turned out to be a + COVID test earlier this week! No clue how or where I caught it!

Blessed to have mild symptoms...super blessed I’m the only one in our home who has it.... & super, super blessed to have a daughter who made an 8’ long 'COVID Communication telephone!' I’d give anything to hug & love on her right now! Y’all stay safe & healthy! #daddyholdingdownthefort #blessed #praying #grateful