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Nick Khan says WWE cuts not about readying company for sale


WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan says that the rash of WWE talent releases are not about readying the company for a sale. 

In an interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Helwani directly asked Khan about rumors of a WWE sale and whether or not the talent releases that have taken place in 2020 and 2021 could be explained as preparation for a sale. 

"I don't know that there's one explanation for it," said Khan. "Ultimately, what's looked at is this person, for us, going to move the needle now, or in the imminent future."

"We live in the present, we live in the future, we don't live in the past," Khan said.

When asked to explain his "open for business" quote from an appearance on the Recode podcast, Khan said that "If someone credible calls on anything, NFTs, trading cards, we take the call. We are inherently sales people," Khan said. "When I say 'open for business,' if somebody calls, credible, asking 'hey, are you guys for sale?' it's what's your offer? What are you thinking?"

Khan said plainly, though, that there are no active conversations with any outside entities about buying WWE currently going on. "People call all the time about all different things, but we're not in an y active conversations about any of that."

"We're not trying to sell, that's not our intent, there are no internal meetings about selling this company. The internal meetings are about growing it," Khan said. 

Khan went on to explain that there is a collective of individuals making the decisions as to which talent will be released. Khan listed himself, Bruce Prichard, Kevin Dunn, Stephanie McMahon, Paul Levesque and Vince McMahon as those who are responsible for the choices, but clarified that Vince McMahon has the final say. 

"Keep in mind, in WWE, as you know, there's one boss and that's Vince," Khan said. 

The full interview can be seen below.