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Nigel McGuinness furloughed by WWE


Nigel McGuinness is among the names that have been furloughed by WWE.

McGuinness' name was confirmed in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Many working in NXT were not named by WWE when they released and furloughed wrestlers, road agents, and other employees last month. WWE cited the COVID-19 pandemic as reasoning for the furloughs and releases. 

Of late, McGuinness had been on the NXT UK commentary team with Andy Shepherd. However, recent episodes of the show have been ‘best of’ compilations that have been hosted by Shepherd only. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing travel issues, it isn’t known when NXT UK will resume tapings.

McGuinness signed with the WWE in late 2016 and made his debut as a commentator during the United Kingdom Championship tournament in early 2017. He became a color commentator for NXT the following month and also did commentary for 205 Live and Main Event.

Among those who were furloughed last month include Dave Finlay, Lance Storm, Shane Helms, and Gearld Brisco, among others.