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Non-Raw notes from Oklahoma City tonight, Superstars results

By Kevin Ely

- Bo Dallas beat R Truth
- King Barrett beat Jack Swagger

There was no post-show dark match or angle.

Crowd seemed pretty flat through most of the show. Cena was really the only superstar, with Orton not too far behind. I never really noticed this at past tapings, but this crowd seemed really confused by a lot of the hijinks, like New Day distracting the PTP, who weren't even in the match, and the Owens finish. Instead of riling the crowd up, they just lost energy. 

Crowd was way into the main event though and really bought some of the near falls. Cena seemed really rattled by what looked to be a broken nose, and didn't speak to the crowd after the show went off the air. All in all, the crowd seemed deflated by the lack of Reigns, Heyman, Brock, & Taker.