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NXT Asbury Park, NJ live results: Samoa Joe & Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor & Sami Zayn

Submitted by Brandon Cornett

Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss

Good opening match. Back and forth at the start, with Asuka obviously being the unstoppable force in the ring. Bliss would roll out of the ring, however, and eventually catch Asuka. She then began to get the heat for the match. As Asuka's comeback began, Alexa slapped her much like Diana Pirazzo did this past week on the show. The crowd responded with a "You F*cked Up Chant". Asuka eventually hooked the Asuka Lock and won.

Apollo Crews vs. Alex Riley

Perhaps the match that the crowd was least interested in. It went on for a bit, and while it wasn't a bad match, it did not do much to captures the attention of the crowd. Apollo defeated Riley with his Powerbomb finisher.

Carmella vs. Peyton Royce

Carmella came out to a huge ovation from the crowd. As she began her usual mic entrance, she made to correct herself from "the princess of Staten Island" to "the princess of New Jersey". Peyton Royce came out with her flower gimmick, and as soon as the match started she would hit a move and then sniff the flower.  This happened a couple of times before the ref took away the flower and put it in the corner. This led to Carmella eventually taking the flower and taunting Peyton with it. Carmella won with her headscissors submission.

Enzo & Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillians

Biggest pop of the night definitely went to Enzo and Big Cass. These guys are massively over in both NY and NJ, and they should definitely be brought to the main roster in front of one of those crowds. The match was any other Enzo and Big Cass match. Enzo took most of the match, tagged in Cass, and then pinned Aiden with the Rocket launcher.

Austin Aries vs. Elias Sampson

Sampson came out to perform a song for the crowd in Asbury about how New Jersey sucked. The hatred that fans possess for Sampson is similar to the way they hate Eva Marie. After a couple of minutes, Austin Aries name appeared on the set as his music hit. The crowd went nuts for Aries. The match was definitely Sampson's best. Aries had many spots where he could show off his athleticism and ultimately won the match using his discus elbow smash.

NXT Champion Bayley vs. Eva Marie

Eva came out first, obviously to very heavy boos. A lot of "you can't wrestle" chants before the match even started. Bayley came out to another huge reaction from this crowd. This match was a lot better than I expected, which could be credited to Bayley or Eva simply getting better. There were no spots that seemed obviously botched, and it seemed very well thought-out. Bayley hit a Bayley-to-belly out of nowhere for the win.

Samoa Joe & Baron Corbin vs. NXT Champion Finn Balor & Sami Zayn

Definitely the best match of the night, which is no shock given the talent involved. A lot of the match involved the heels distracting the ref so the other heel could cheat. Sami had a great spot where the heels were both outside of the ring and he was about to dive onto them, but they both dove out of the way so Sami did a flip back into the center of the ring. The crowd was very happy that Finn was there and wrestling. The finish of the match was interesting. Finn does a blind tag as Sami helluva kicks Corbin (non-legal man) while he's on the apron. Sami then gives another helluva kick to Joe and Finn gives him the Bloody Sunday for the pin.

The match was followed by a cute segment where Sami put on Finn's jacket and acted like him. Then Finn put on Sami's hoodie and hat. Finn made a subtle dig at Sami by saying in order to dress like him he would need the NXT Championship.