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NXT Cardiff, Wales, results: Finn Balor vs. Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe

Submitted by James Witcombe 

- Greg Hamilton came out to introduce a Finn Balor video, then a HHH video to start the show. Loud NXT chants. 

- Team Sawft vs. Blake and Murphy 

No girls as they are both wrestling later. Enzo and Cass get a big reaction. The crowd say his catchphrases along with him. Started with some fun as Enzo was dancing. He started dancing on the apron too. BAM weren't happy with this. We want dancing chant. Enzo won with the splash off the top. Blake and Murphy were good here. Fun opener. 

- Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss 

Asuka's gonna kill you chant early. She chased Alexa around the ring while Alexa screamed stop chasing me. Alexa got the heat by draping Asuka's arm across the bottom rope. Asuka won after a missed standing moonsault then kicks. She got Bliss in the chicken wing. Good match. Bliss wasn't bad. 

- Tye Dillinger vs. Bull Dempsey

Comedy match. Big 10 chants when Tye came out. He has a laminated 10 card. Bull ran the types during his entrance and gassed. Then did it again. Bull fit and Bull is beautiful chants early. Bull got a cheer for taking his shirt off. Bull got 10 chants with a bad cartwheel. Bull got the win with a splash. 

- Nia Jax vs. Carmella 

Pretty quick squash. Carmella got some offense and did the moonwalk. Nia won with the spinebuster and leg drop. Nia is a good monster. 

- Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin 

Duelling chants early. Let's go Corbin, Corbin sucks too. Long heat by Corbin. Basic match. Some hope spots then Crews got the win with the standing moonsault. Typical house show match I thought. 


- Jordan and Gable V Dash and Dawson for the NXT Tag Team Championship 

Gable, Gable, Gable - Jordan, Jordan, Jordan chants throughout. They were over. Heat after Gable caught a Dash lariat outside the ring. Count out tease. Jordan's hot tag is great. Dash and Dawson win after Gable is tripped attempting a suplex into the ring. Foot held for the 3. Jordan and Gable given the applause spot after. Hot match. 

- Emma vs. Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship

Dana Brooke out with Emma. First 5 minutes chants for Bayley. To the Hey Baby will you be my girl song. Emma tried walking off with the belt. Dana protects her then gets an elbow. Dana sent to the back. Bayley won with the Bayley to belly. Decent match. 

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Championship

All 3 guys received well. Lots of Joe running early. Joe got a few cheap shots in. After a dropkick through the ropes  Joe went to walk out. Stopped by both guts. Zayn and Finn put on each other's jackets and started doing the other's mannerisms. Funny spot. Joe got a pop for breaking this up.  Zayn with a dive then blue thunder bomb for near fall. All guys out then Joe and Zayn got up and Finn did the Undertaker sit up and facial from Mania. Funny. They all landed kicks and this is awesome chants. Japanese elbow spot between Finn and Joe then the corner drop kick by Finn. Coup De Grace attempt then muscle buster attempt blocked. Joe with Kokina clutch on Zayn. Zayn is on top of Joe and Balor gives him the Coup De Grace which took out both.  Finn pinned Sami for the win. Very good match.

Great show. Everyone seemed to be sent home happy.