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NXT Cocoa, FL, live results: Bobby Roode makes his Florida NXT debut

I'm here in Cocoa Beach FL, where they are expecting approximately 250.

- Liv Morgan beat Nikki Glencross

Fun opener with heel antics by Nikki, telling people to shut up, declaring herself the best in the galaxy, and all while womanhandling Liv. Towards the finish, Liv was able to matrix under a clothesline to begin her comeback, hit a big monkey flip out of the corner, a high spin kick and a standing moonsault for the win.

- Alexander Wolfe beat Kishan Raftaar

Crowd wasn't in to this as neither are have been on TV that much, if at all. Both guys were heckled with "USA" chants for the two foreigners. Wolfe kept working the armbar and finally put Kishan away with an arm submission.

- Noah beat Steve Cutler

Cutler had the heel advantage early, as Noah just wanted a handshake and to be friends. Crowd chanted BFF to encourage him yet Cutler took the cheap shot. Noah fired up to hit a pop up powerbomb for the win.

- Wesley Blake beat Bronson Mathews

New ambient trance music for Blake who wearing trunks and boot tassels. Headlocks were traded early. Crowd was all giggles as Blake ended up with a wedgie. Blake then settled his trunks, went to the top, and hit a splash for the win.

- Andrade “Cien” Almas beat Angelo Dawkins

A lot of trash talk by Dawkins which prompted loud "WHAT?" chants. Front face lock and headlocks by Dawkins to keep Andrade grounded. The finish saw some flashy moves by Andrade such as a wheelbarrow bulldog and smooth rope running before the running knees to Dawkins in the corner.

- Oney Lorcan beat Tino Sabbatelli

Physical match. We got a lot of aggressive chin locks by Tino. Oney finally fired up and hit the running blockbuster for the win.

- In ring promo by the debuting Binky Blairwho says she's going to be the “ist” of NXT: prettiest, baddest, etc.

- Daria beat Billie Kay

Billie taunted Daria early with her fancy gloves, so Daria got upset and threw down her own MMA gloves, and the fight was on. After some action, Daria locked in what looked like an triangle armbar for the submission.

- TM61 and Mojo Rawley beat The Authors of Pain and Bobby Roode

NXT Florida debut for Roode who entered to a Queen-esque theme that declared he is “Glorious!”. Roode was a heel and hid behind the Authors at times, worked over whomever he was working with, and looked great doing so. The finish saw TM61 hit their double team spinebuster finisher on Roode with Shane Thorne getting the pin for his team.