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NXT Cocoa, FL, live results: Enzo & Cass vs. Vaudevillains; ZZ & Sara Lee promo

Austin Aries NXT

I'm live in Cocoa Beach, FL, tonight, where they are expecting approximately 250 people.

Asuka and Liv Morgan beat Mandy Rose and Daria

Liv wowed the crowd early with some fun spinning headscissor spots and rolling pin attempts. The heels then took control and put a beating on Liv in their corner until she escaped for the Asuka hot tag. Bayley's future challenger ran wild with kicks to Daria before applying the Asuka Lock for the win.

Dan Matha beat Alexander Wolfe

I believe this is Matha’s first Florida show, yet he did work the Arnold Classic. He looked good and is a big, fit guy. Wolfe got the upper hand and Matha had to fight back before hitting a side slam of sorts. Nice debut.

Patrick Clark and Kenneth Crawford beat Dhinsa and Selmani

The big men were menacing, taunting the crowd, saying they couldn't be beat. Yet, the more popular and athletic upstarts stole the win with a slick roll up. Very impressive stuff from Clark and Crawford lately.

Levis Valenzuela beat Steve Cutler

Levis and the fiesta were very over with the crowd tonight. Cutler tried to keep Levis down with armbars and headlock, but Levis ran wild with chops and his big wind up punch for the win.

- In ring interview with ZZ and Sara Lee. ZZ tried to say one of his charming lines, but Sara said she was sick of it and put him and this town down before storming out.

Austin Aries beat Wesley Blake

Good match here, big reaction for Aries as he was somewhat of a surprise. Big dropkick and a spinning back elbow off the ropes for the win.

Mojo Rawley beat Sawyer Fulton

The usual Mojo antics: dancing, taunting and getting the crowd to say "He Ain't Hype" to Fulton. Fulton used his power to wear Mojo down before the comeback. Mojo ran wild and hit his big wind up punch for the win.

Apollo Crews beat Chris Girard

Early respect as a handshake before the lock-up. Girard kept this match grounded with a lot of mat work, later hitting a couple uppercuts to keep the advantage. Big stinger splash, dropkick, kipup, and the spinning slam for the win.

Enzo & Big Cass beat The Vaudevillains

Good early work between Enzo and Aiden before Cass got in the match to showcase his power. Some impressive single arm lifts of Alden English all the way up to Cass’ shoulder got the crowd really in to it. Heels worked over Enzo until the series of false finishes. Big Cass ran wild yet again and tagged in Zo for the rocket launcher splash and win.