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NXT Chicago, IL, live event results: (evening show): Finn Balor vs. Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

Submitted by George Atsaves

Standing room only crowd. Super lively crowd, lots of chants all night.

- NXT Tag Champions Dawson and Wilder beat Ezno and Cass when Enzo got pinned via roll up. Good match, Dawson and Wilder are great heels. Enzo was super over. Cass is ok as a "house of fire" babyface but he missed a few spots.

- Carmella submitted Alexa Bliss with her leg choke thing. Bliss is great, crowd loved to hate her. Match was fine.

- Elias Sampson and his guitar beat Bull Dempsey. Sampson sang a song about how much Chicago sucks. Decent match: two standard mid card guys doing mid card things.

- NXT Divas Champion Bayley (so so over) beat Nia Jax with the Belly to Bayley. Pretty similar to the London match, but no chokehold.

> Intermission. They were selling autographed 11x14s and tons of shirts.

- Sami Zayn def. Tommaso Ciampa in an incredible match that felt like a typical ROH match. Highlights include Zayn's Blue Thunder Bomb and Tommaso hitting a power bomb into a backstabber.  Zayn won with the corner kick.  After, he and Tommaso hugged and Zayn gave him the ring.

- Eva Marie over Peyton Royce.  I know it is the gimmick and she's kinda over (not as over as Zayn, Finn nor Bayley) but Eva just can't wrestle.  She's not even passable.  Poor Royce was dragging her around.  Eva's timing was off all match and it showed.  Crowd stopped caring halfway through.

- NXT Champion Finn Balor over Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin. Before the match, Balor did the Bullet Club guns to Crews and Corbin.  Loud Bullet Club and Too Sweet chants, which Finn encouraged.  Finn even did the "gun gesture to a prone opponent" like Kenny Omega did to AJ Styles the night after WK 10.  Standard triple threat where one guy sold on the outside while the other two went at it.  Finish was pretty good - Corbin hit his spinning slam on Crews, made the cover only for Finn to hit the double foot stomp for the win. After, Finn celebrated with Bayley (who had a Balor Club shirt and was Too Sweeting everyone at ringside) and they brought some kids in the ring to take pictures.