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WWE NXT house show results 12/5 Citrus Springs, FL: Cameron win streak continues

By JJ Williams

Elias Samson beat Josh Woods. Elias was the face tonight, as Woods interrupted his song about Citrus Springs. Hard hitting match. Woods has a lot of impressive wrestling ability.

Cameron beat Aliyah and Billie Kay in a triple threat match. Aliyah was the face in peril during this match against two heels. Cameron scored the pin on Aliyah after a few hope spots.

Bull Dempsey beat Angelo Dawkins. Comedy early on with Bull doing jumping jacks to annoy Dawkins. Seated splash off the top by Bull for the win.

In ring interview with Noah Kekoa, says he's here for the people and this is his friend zone. Acting shy and naive.

Asuka and Carmella beat Alexa Bliss and Emma. Stat reaction for Asuka. Entertaining match as the faces were very over. Asuka caught Alexa with her submission for the win.

Tye Dillinger beat Tino Sabatelli. Tye was the face tonight, got worn down by Tino early on before hitting his exposed knee finish for the win.

Rich Swann and Levis Valenzuela beat Marcus Louise and Sawyer Fulton. Another great performance by Swann. After a lot of punishment by the heels, Swann made the hot tag to Levis who got the win with the windup punch.

Tucker Knight beat Axel Tischer with a butterfly suplex. Crowd was in to Knight here, a group of fans cheer for him at a lot of house shows, chanting for his silver boots and singing songs for him. Good match, a lot of hard hitting action.

The Vaudevillains beat Dash and Dawson by DQ in the main event. Back and forth match, well worked, finish came when English had hit the swanton and Dash pulled the ref out. Post match saw Enzo and Cass clear out Dash and Dawson, celebrating with the crowd to send them home happy.

That's a wrap on 2015 for the Florida shows.