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NXT Lakeland, FL, live results: Hideo Itami & TM61 vs. Buddy Murphy & Authors Of Pain


NXT is in Lakeland, FL, tonight and expecting a crowd of 250.

- Niko Bogojevic defeated Patrick Clark

Crowd was all over Clark, chanting "You're not Tough Enough," and giving him the business. Bogojevic fired up and finished it off with a Vader Bomb for the win.

- Daria Berenato & Mandy Rose defeated Liv Morgan & Aliyah

The heels worked over Aliyah for most of the match. Morgan got the hot tag and tried to fight off the Rose interference, yet Berenato got what looked like a Hell’s Gate submission on Morgan for the submission win.

- Hugo Knox beat Steve Cutler

Hugo was back to being his happy party boy persona, while Cutler has been much more controlling in the ring lately as heel. Hugo won with what looked like a Playmaker.

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- Mojo Rawley defeated Riddick Moss

The crowd chanted "You deserve it" in response to Rawley getting drafted earlier this week. There was early comedy before Moss took control. Rawley fought off the punishment and hit his big punch in fhe corner for the win.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Billie Kay to retain her title

Well-paced match, not much doubt that Asuka had this one. Asuka Lock for the submission win.

In-ring promo with Danielle, who said she wants to be the greatest women's wrestler of all time. She mentioned training with Rikishi and that all the women who were called up inspired her.

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- No Way Jose defeated Josh Woods

Crowd had a blast with Jose’s antics and he hit his finish for the win before celebrating some more.

- Hideo Itami & TM61 defeated Buddy Murphy & The Authors Of Pain

The Authors of Pain did a lot of damage to TM61 early on. The match built to an Itami hot tag and him running wild. He was able to hit his running kick on Murphy for the win.