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NXT Largo, FL, live results: Enzo/Cass & Apollo Crews vs. The Revival & Baron Corbin


I'm on site at NXT Largo tonight, expecting a sell out of approximately 300.

- Alex Reyes welcomed us to the show and introduced us to NXT’s newest ring announcer Andrea DiMarco (aka Andrea Ocampo) who was the on-air reporter for the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

- Carmella and Liv Morgan beat Emma and Billie Kay

Very impressive showing by Carmella tonight, countering holds, escaping moves, and taking the hot tag. After Morgan was being worked over by the heels, there was a miscommunication where Emma was knocked off the apron which allowed Carmella to hit a superkick, bronco buster, and her submission leg scissor for the win over Billie Kay.

- Riddick Moss beat Alex Riley

Hard-hitting match with Riley hitting a spinebuster and a big top rope elbow drop for nearfalls. Riddick got his feet on the ropes for a roll-through dirty pin.

- American Alpha beat Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe

This was a showcase match for Alpha. The heels worked over Gable leading to the big hot tag for Jordan: suplex, spear, straps down, assisted German for the win.

- Dylan Miley beat Patrick Clark

Almost all Miley here. He worked the arm, slams, and hit a big diving headbutt off the top for the win.

- The Hype Bros beat The Vaudevillains

There were a lot of silly antics by the Vauds to try and get under Mojo’s skin. Zack wanted nothing to do with any of their nonsense. Vauds worked over Ryder to get to Mojo’s hot tag. Ran wild with shoulderblocks, but he Vauds almost cut him off. Ryder hit the Hype Ryder for the win.

- NXT Women's Champion Bayley beat Aliyah

Good match here, Aliyah worked over Bayley’s arm, kept her grounded most of the match. Bayley fired up after being hit in to the turnbuckles pads then ran wild, big suplex, back elbow, and finally a Belly to Bayley for the win.

- In ring promo with Dhinsa and Selmani, they vow to destroy all other tag teams.

- No Way Jose FKA Levis Valenzuela beat Manny Andrade

New music and officially billed as “No Way Jose” tonight, good action between the two, Andrade is excellent and did some flashy moves such as a moonsault then a standing moonsault for a near fall and some crisp arm drags early in the match. The finish saw NWJ hit the big punch for the win.

- Enzo, Big Cass & Apollo Crews beat NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival & Baron Corbin

Crowd was all over Baron and The Revival tonight, the heels worked over Enzo and Apollo mostly during this match, good action all around and always seemed like the brink of chaos. The finish saw Big Cass take the hot tag, run wild and bring Zo back in for the rocketlauncher finish.