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NXT Largo, FL, live results: Shinsuke Nakamura teams with Asuka & Tye Dillinger


Images by JJ Williams

I'm here in Largo, FL, for NXT Live with an expected crowd of 300.

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- Richard Swann defeated Patrick Clark

Crowd loved Swann and was all over Clark. Good match that Swann won with an amazing handspring splash in the center of the ring.

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- Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton defeated Angelo Dawkins & Kenneth Crawford

The larger heels put a beating on Crawford until Dawkins could make a hot tag, however they were just too much for him in the end. Fulton and Wolfe used a double team slam for the win.

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- Oney Lorcan defeated Dallas Harper

Vicious chops and slaps by Lorcan, working over the 6'9" Harper with uppercuts and intense action. Harper tried to slow the pace and work an arm, then tried to jump from the second rope, but Lorcan hit him with an uppercut and scored the pin.

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- The Authors of Pain defeated Niko Bogojevic & Tucker Knight

Long match with the Authors laying it in on Knight until Bogojevic got the hot tag and ran wild, but the Authors cut him off and hit a big double team lariat for the finish.

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- Hideo Itami defeated Buddy Murphy

Murphy teased a GTS early, so Itami went for one of his own and said “this close.” Later in the match, Murphy actually got Itami up for the GTS, but it was reversed into a dragon screw leg whip. Itami then finished it off with the GTS.

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- Mandy Rose defeated Liv Morgan

Good match with athletic action early. Morgan applied a straight jacket submission of sorts before Rose escaped and applied an octopus type hold of her own. Morgan went for her high kick, but Rose was able to catch her and apply a double underhook into a front angel wings slam for the win.

Rose cut a promo after the match about being the golden gift of NXT until Daria Berenato interrupted, her big line was calling Rose “All Gold Everything” as a setup so Rose could say that she can actually wrestle, which got a rise from the crowd.

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- Tino Sabbatelli defeated Kishan Raftar

Athletic rope running early that resulted in an impressive crossbody by Sabbatelli. Raftar took advantage and worked a headlock before Sabbatelli got fired up and hit a spinning elbow on Raftar for the win.

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- NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, NXT Women's Champion Asuka, & Tye Dillinger defeated Wesley Blake, Riddick Moss, & Billie Kay

This match had all types of action and comedy. There were "10" chants, Asuka dancing, and Nakamura swagging out. The heels worked over Dillinger for most of the match. Asuka got the tag and ran wild on Kay, then Nakamura tagged in and had Blake ready to receive a Kinshasa until Kay ran in between them.

Asuka cut her off, then laid in a spin kick of her own on Blake before Nakamura hit the Kinshasa for the win. The winners celebrated and did three YeaOh taunts to end the show.