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NXT Largo, FL, live results: Shinsuke Nakamura teams with Hideo Itami


Image: JJ Williams

I'm here in Largo, FL, for NXT Live in front of an expected crowd of 300.

- Oney Lorcan defeated Patrick Clark

Running blockbuster followed by a running uppercut for the win. Clark did a lot of taunting and arm work, but Lorcan fought through the pain to deliver his signature uppercuts.

- The Authors of Pain defeated Kenneth Crawford & Angelo Dawkins

Double team leg sweep/lariat for the win. The Authors are just too much for the smaller opponents. Crawford and Dawkins got a few hope spots but it was mostly total domination.

- Nikki Cross defeated Liv Morgan

Snap fisherman's suplex for the pin. Good action here, they worked well together. Cross is the aggressive maniacal heel and Morgan is the fired up babyface.

- Sanity (Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton) w/ Nikki Cross defeated Heavy Machinery (Niko Bogojevic & Tucker Knight)

Double team overhead side slam for the win. After the match, Cross went to the middle rope and was about to add insult to injury but Liv Morgan ran out to take care of her and allowed Bogojevic and Knight to send Sanity packing.

- Tye Dillinger defeated Buddy Murphy

A lot of comedy in this one, Murphy would sell how much the 10 taunts bothered him. Dillinger won it with the Tye Breaker.

- Ember Moon defeated Aliyah

Top rope diving stunner by Moon for the win.

- In-ring promo by Elias Samson about his broken leg. Crowd was all over him.

- NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & Hideo Itami defeated Tino Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss

Nakamura and Itami did all their signature spots and added comedy. Nakamura did good vibrations in the corner during a tag to Itami, so he ended up shaking himself as well. The heels took advantage and worked over Nakamura to lead to an Itami hot tag. Itami ran wild, clearing house to allow Nakamura to gather himself and tag back in for the Kinshasa and the win.

There was a scary moment towards the finish when Moss went for a powerslam on Itami and it seemingly spiked Itami on the mat, crowd went silent until Nakamura tried to reach and tag himself in to finish the match off. Itami avoided the doctors and nodded when asked if he was okay after the match. He celebrated the big win and seemed okay.