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NXT Louisville, KY, live results: Finn Balor teases main roster debut


Submitted by John Smith & Dan Alegria from the Broadbent Arena 

Arena seats about 6,600, but was half tarped off. Floor and lower bowl were full with maybe 2,000 in attendance.

- No Way Jose defeated Hugo Knox

Jose opens the show to get the crowd going, and gets his usual chants and cheers. Knox cuts a heel promo on some ringside fans, and kept good heel heat throughout the match. Match went a little longer than expected with Knox getting a lot of offense in. Jose wins clean with a full nelson slam.

- Andrade "Cien" Almas defeated Wesley Blake

Blake came out with new music and new gear, and was introduced as Wesley "Beautiful Blonde" Blake. Almas got a good pop from the Louisville crowd. "Where is Murphy?" chants directed at Blake. Blake gets out of the ring and cuts a promo saying he doesn't need Murphy and Alexa. Very fun match with Almas flying everywhere really got the crowd going. Blake showed off some power moves, but Almas wins clean with the running knees into a weird looking DDT. 

- Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss

Huge reactions for both. Bayley had a lot of fun with the crowd, leading "Yes!" chants and hugging random people who ran down to ringside. Wrestling was good, but the entertainment value of the match was really high. Bayley wins clean with Bayley to Belly. Alexa attacked her after the match to get some loud boos.

- Hideo Itami defeated Angelo Dawkins

Nobody cared about Dawkins, but Itami got a huge reaction as very few people here expected him to be here. The match started with some comedy between Dawkins and Hideo. Once they got serious, we got good back and forth work. Dawkins got in more offense than Hideo but there was a lot of rest holds. Hideo made a comeback and won clean with the running knee strike.

- NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival defeated American Alpha to retain their titles

This was an outstanding back and forth tag title match with lots of near falls. Crowd was a little down after intermission but came alive for the introductions. Gable and Dash start. Gable being Gable early on, putting on a technical wrestling clinic. Tags by both teams. Jordan and Dawson exchange offense before Jordan takes over. Alpha gets tag team offense in, sending Revival out of the ring. Alpha with a lot of tags, working over Dawson before he makes the tag and Dash. Lots of back and forth work and a lot of tags continue. If I described it, this report would be 5000 words. Absolutely fantastic tag match. Alpha hits their finisher, but Dash puts Dawson's foot on the rope. In the confusion, Dawson rolls up Gable with the tights for the pin..

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka defeated Billie Kay

Women's championship on the line. Big reaction for Asuka, no reaction for Billie Kay. Lots of "Asukas gonna kill you" chants. Billie Kay got a lot of offense in, probably more than Asuka. Long match, felt like was around 15 minutes. Billie isn't great, but she looks like she has a ton of potential. After a weird roll through, Asuka gets the win with the Asuka Lock.

- Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, American Alpha, & Bayley defeated NXT Champion Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival, & Alexa Bliss

The match was originally billed as Joe & Roode vs. Nakamura & Balor. Balor entered last with Joe (heavily taped elbow) and Roode attacking Nakamura during his entrance. When Balor tried to get in, the Revival came in to attack Balor and Nakamura. This led to American Alpha joining the fray. Eventually, Alexa Bliss made her way down to the ring to berate Nakamura, which resulted in Bayley coming down. This led to a 10-person tag.

Balor, Nakamura, American Alpha & Bayley vs. Roode, Joe, The Revival & Bliss

Match was clearly set up to let everyone have a fun match to go home on. Lots of back and forth, everyone getting their spots in. Bayley hit Roode with the Bayley to Belley leading to Nakamura nailing him with the Kinshasa for the win.

After, Balor's team group hugged and did the too sweet symbol and Nakamura's pose. Balor took the mic and stated, "He could feel a bit of a 'draft' in the room" and that everyone in the NXT locker room aspires to join the main roster. The show ended with Balor and Bayley embracing on the stage and Balor bowing to the crowd.