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NXT Sebring, FL, live results: NXT Women's title fatal four-way; Apollo Crews vs. Manny Andrade shines

Approximate attendance: 200

Mojo Rawley beat Alexander Wolfe

Similar match to last night with a big front slam and a running punch for the win by Rawley.

Peyton Royce beat Liv Morgan

A lot of athletic moves by Liv who looked great even in defeat. Peyton locked in her submission and won.

Elias Samson beat Patrick Clark

A lot of heat on Samson, heckling and booing down his pre match song. This match was all Drifter. Won with his neck breaker.

Noah Kekoa and Josh Woods beat BAMF (Blake & Murphy)

Woods worked the arm of each Blake and Murphy in this one, showing some impressive amateur skills. The heels took control until Noah got the big hot tag, ran wild with arm drags and during a scuffle, he was able to roll up Murphy to steal a win. BAMF were losing their minds as they got outwrestled by two newcomers.

Apollo Crews beat Manny Andrade

Excellent match. This was one of Apollo’s best in NXT and Manny won over another town by being incredible. Big spots included fast running the ropes, dropkicks, a Manny moonsault, and Apollo’s huge spinning power bomb slam for the win. Post-match, Apollo shook Manny’s hand to show respect.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival (Dash/Dawson) beat Tucker Knight and Rich Swann

Swann took a beating in this match, suffering double team attacks and heel cheating to keep the advantage for the Revival at all times. Tucker got a big hot tag, yet wasn't enough to beat the champions. After some big moves and running wild, Swann was tagged back in, but Knight was sidestepped so he hit the post on the outside. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Swann for the win.

- In ring promo with Angelo Dawkins. He wants to be called The Curse Of Greatness. Crowd wasn't responding much to his antics.

Chris Girard vs Sawyer Fulton went to a no contest

Girard was busted open on a dive to the outside.

NXT Women's Champion Bayley beat Alexa Bliss, Emma, and Asuka in a fatal four way match

This match was to tease a lot of Bayley vs. Asuka without giving too much away, Alexa and Emma took most of the punishment. Asuka was laying in kicks on everyone. At one point, all four were on the mat throwing punches at one another in a circle. Emma had her submission on Alexa for a near finish and Bayley broke up that attempt. Alexa tried to take the fight to Asuka which was a big mistake. Action broke down and Bayley was able to hit the Belly to Bayley for the big win to send everyone home happy.