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NXT TakeOver live results: Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor cage match; Nakamura vs. Austin Aries


While it might not be "The End" of NXT, tonight's TakeOver show from Full Sail University in Florida will likely be the end of one of the longest and most entertaining rivalries in NXT history as Samoa Joe and Finn Balor will battle in a first for NXT: a steel cage match.

Also on the show, Nakamura and Austin Aries look to advance to the next step in their respective NXT runs while NXT tag champions American Alpha are hoping this will be the end of their multi-month run against The Revival. NXT women's champion Asuka looks to make a statement as she battles Nia Jax for the first time with the belt on the line, and Andrade Cien Almas finally makes his TV debut after months working NXT house shows, winning over crowds.

Join us at 8 PM EST for NXT TakeOver: The End, live on WWE Network. Before you do, check out this preview, as well as today's Wrestling Observer Live.


Andrade Cien Almas vs. Tye Dillinger

Almas won his debut in a hot five minute match. This was similar to Apollo Crews' debut last August in that it was a more competitive match than most NXT debuts have been over the years. The fans at one point did dueling chants of "He's 100" and "Perfect 10" as it was mentioned that Cien means one hundred in Spanish.

There was a hot move where Andrade went for a moonsault, but Dillinger rolled out of the way. However, Andrade landed on his feet and immediately hit a standing moonsault to Dillinger. Dillinger got several near falls, including one after a superkick when Andrade was upside down on the top rope. In the end, Almas won with a running double knees in the corner while Dillinger was sitting in the corner.


NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha vs. The Revival

Revival became the first team to become two-time NXT Tag Team Champions as they won clean with Shatter Machine on Jordan. This was different than the usual American Alpha match as it didn't start with several minutes of Gable and Jordan suplexing their opponents all over the place. Instead, it was more of a fight than a wrestling match.

At one point, the fight broke down into a 4-way with Jordan and Gable doing simultaneous takedowns and then using a double ankle lock, which made the fans go bananas.

Dawson hit a Spinebuster which looked nicer than Triple H's. Dash and Dawson clipped Gable's knee out during the heat and used a real nice double team combination legdrop for a near fall. Jordan made the hot tag and went all Full Suplex University on both men. Revival got many near falls before the finish, making you believe that they would lose at the end, but alas, they did not.

The fans were legitimately shocked by the finish and then they were shocked further when The Authors of Pain (Sunny Dhinsa and Gzim Selmani) attacked American Alpha after the match was over! They laid out Gable and Jordan before WWE Hall of Famer and Road Warriors manager Paul Ellering appeared on the ramp nodding his approval. The fans chanted "Who are you?" at Ellering.

The Authors of Pain have been working the Florida NXT house shows for a few months.

Asuka was warming up with Seth Petruzelli backstage and Bayley walked in, offering a handshake.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Austin Aries

Nakamura won with his second attempt at the Kinshasa. As expected, this was an excellent match. Aries had his ribs taped for some unknown reason, but that didn't really play into the match. The fans sang Nakamura's theme song, which, if you recall, is completely instrumental. It was pushed in commentary that no one had ever controlled Nakamura the way Aries was, while Aries stretched Nakamura on the mat. The story told was every time Nakamura would go for one of his moves, and Aries would have the counter.

Nakamura kicked Aries seven ways from sideways when he was on offense. Nakamura, at one point, went for the Kinshasa, but Aries blocked it and suplexed Nakamura before locking on the Last Chancery. Aries gave Nakamura a death valley driver on the ring apron, which looked like it killed him. The crowd did that annoying thing where they count one number ahead of the referee during a countout. Aries went for a Suicide Dive, but Nakamura moved causing Aries to crash into the barricade. Nakamura threw him back in the ring for the finish.


Tickets are on sale this Saturday at 12Noon for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.


NXT Women's Champion Asuka vs. Nia Jax

A much better match than expected. This built similar to the Nia-Bayley match from a few weeks ago where Jax just completely dominated Asuka from the bell. Every time Asuka went for a move, Nia would either block it or power out of it. Asuka's biggest move was a kneebar, but Nia was right near the ropes.

Asuka made her comeback using a series of spinning back fists that Nia was blocking with her face. Nia used a power bomb like during the contract signing last week, but Asuka somehow turned a pinfall attempt into an armbar. Asuka won with several hard kicks to the face and head.

Not at the level of the great TakeOver matches, but still really really good.


Earlier today, Mr. William Regal was talking to Cathy Kelly when Bobby Roode entered, walked past Mr. Regal, and entered the locker room.


NXT Champion Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor in a steel cage match with pinfall, submission or escape rules

Joe retained the title with a Muscle Buster off the middle rope in yet another excellent match. This was exactly the physical match you expect from these two and at least this time Joe didn't accidentally bleed in the first 30 seconds of the match. Joe on two occasions hip tossed Balor into the cage.

There was an amazing spot where both men were on the top rope and Finn went to hoist himself over the top of the cage, but Joe did his jumping Inzigiri to the back of Finn's head, causing both men to crash onto the mat.

Joe at one time was caught between the ropes and the cage. Balor was on the top rope and kicked Joe in the face, causing Joe to hunch over on the top rope, crotching Balor on the ropes. Later on in the match they were back on the top rope and Balor gave Joe a Slingblade off the top rope and then one normal one. Balor kicked out of a Muscle Buster and Joe kicked out of a Coup de Grace before the finish.