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NXT TakeOver London TV taping results: Sami Zayn, Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Jordan & Gable

Submitted by Seb Major

These matches were taped for next week's NXT TV show.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs The Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillians vs Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) 

Jordan and Gable might be more over than anyone in the entire company right now, at least in the UK. They came out to a humongous pop with chants from the crowd the whole way through the match. Typical overbooked opener, everyone got their spots in. Jordan was incredibly pumped up from the crowd reaction and played to the crowd alot. The other teams were booed incessantly. Vaudevillians worked over Gable for most of the match. The hot tag to Jordan got another crazy pop and he hit a number of incredible suplexes, getting a suplex city chant at one point. The finish came after Jordan his an absolutely ridiculous belly to belly over the top rope onto the other teams on the outside, spot of the match, if not the night. Jordan and Gable hit their double finisher for the win. Really really good.

Elias Sampson vs Bull Dempsey

A pretty nothing match. No one really cared about Sampson. Not much happened. This was basically a comedy match. Bull did jumping jacks which Sampson watched from the corner. A fairly botchy match at times. Sampson got "You're just a poo poo Seth Rollins" and "You're a hipster" chants. Sampson wins out of basically nowhere after a few minutes. Basically nothing. 

After the match, "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and now we have for you a special BONUS MATCH!" which led to immediate Ole chants.

Sami Zayn vs. Tye Dillinger

Tye Dillinger comes out first, and was very over with his 10 gimmick (10 signs were probably the most common ones I saw; there weren't that many overall). He would've been a face except out comes his opponent. The crowd goes insane for Sami. He goes up the stairs and does his arm-ruining waves. Sami was incredibly over, but they're going to have to cut this down if they show it because about half the match was them reacting to the chants, all the usual stuff you'd expect, "Welcome Back" and Oles and everything. Tye gets "poo poo Hair, No Fans" and "Topknot Wanker" chants. A good match. Sami teases his arm injury and Tye works that arm a bit, but nothing to make you worried. Great Blue Thunder Bomb out of nowhere gets a 2, and a Helluva Kick for the win.

Sami stays in the ring with a mic. Huge amount of chants; he gives up speaking a couple of times because it's so loud. Basically just imagine every line here interspersed with one chant or another for him. He says it's great to be back, that every time he's on a high, like winning the title or going on Raw to fight John Cena (boos), it seems like things take a nosedive for him, but today, that trend is reversed. He talks about the tour up until this point and is hilariously dumbfounded that we boo the hell out of all the other towns he brings up, "is this some British heat thing?". Big things are coming for NXT in 2016, and for him, he says, and makes to leave - but then comes back into the ring, because ever since Triple H got to say it, he's wanted to. "We are NXT!" Super babyface stuff, basically, but he was beloved for it.