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NXT Tampa, FL, live results: Austin Aries, Enzo & Cass & Tough Enough Josh debuts!

Enzo & Cass

I am live in Tampa tonight where they're expecting approximately 450 people.

- Asuka and Liv Morgan beat Mandy Rose and Daria

Daria and Liv took turns working over Liv with a lot of basic mat work, headlocks and armbars, all leading to the hot tag for Asuka. Asuka ran wild, knocking Mandy off the apron, transitioning an arm bar into the Asuka Lock for the win.

- Dylan Miley beat Bronson Mathews

The former Tough Enough Josh made his in-ring debut. Big diving headbutt from Miley for the win. Short strong guy match here.

- Levis Valenzuela beat Elias Samson

Pre-match, Samson barely got his song out due to vicious heat from the crowd: “You Need Lessons” “Your Song Sucks” “Drift Away” chants. He attempted to mock the town but Levis made his entrance. Match was a lot of headlocks and control by The Drifter. Levis made a comeback and hit some big axe handles and hit his windup punch finish for a big win.

- Patrick Clark and Kenneth Crawford beat Blake and Murphy

BAMF was without Alexa Bliss. They took control early, cutting off the ring and working over Kenneth. Patrick took the hot tag and did some amazing drop kicks and midsection kicks. Blake & Murphy tried to cheat and run distraction yet Patrick got a flash pin roll up on Blake for the surprise win.

- Austin Aries beat Steve Cutler

Aries began with a promo. He says he's prepared for Baron Corbin in Dallas and is proud to be here in Tampa. Cutler interrupts him and says he's been here for two years.Showcase match for Aries who hit a dive to the outside, his spinning elbow, and the win.

- Mojo Rawley beat Chris Girard

Girard hit variations of his uppercut throughout this match, Mojo would try to taunt him yet get caught up fighting rather than goofing around. Girard worked a chinlock and Mojo fought out of it, got hyped up and ran wild before scoring the win with his shoulder blocks, and front slam.

- Apollo Crews beat Angelo Dawkins

The usual Dawkins jawjacking, taunting Apollo, and talking about the Curse Of Greatness. Apollo was able to get Angelo’s headband at one point which upset Dawkins greatly. Apollo for the win and celebrated with the fans.

- Enzo and Cass beat The Vaudevillains

Pre-match promo with Enzo and Cass saying it is good to be back in Tampa and they aren't happy with the results of Roadblock. They challenged anyone who wanted a match and out came the Vauds. Good match here with Enzo and Cass each getting the shine early on. The heels used distractions and cheating to take the advantage behind the ref’s back to work over Enzo.

After a long beating by the heels on Enzo, he was able to get the hot tag to Cass who ran wild with big slams and clotheslines. He hit a Stinger Splash and big boot for a near fall. Enzo kicked out of a big powerbomb late. Cass cleared house and Enzo got the splash and pin for the win.