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NXT TV taping spoilers: a killer TakeOver Dallas card is finalized

Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe

The big news from tonight's NXT tapings at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL, is that Nakamura is going to debut at NXT TakeOver in Dallas, TX, as part of Wrestlemania weekend.

The following are the tapings for March's NXT shows with initial reports that they weren't very good. 


Your NXT TakeOver Dallas lineup for 4/1 based on what happened Wednesday:

  • NXT Champion Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe
  • Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn
  • Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin
  • Women's Champion Bayley vs. Asuka
  • NXT Tag Champions Dash & Dawson vs. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable
  • Apollo Crews vs. Elias Samson

Results from J.J. Williams:

Dark match saw Adrien Reese beat Billie Kay w/ Sylvester LeFort via top rope stunner. Good showing by both women, Adrien will do well on tv, personality shines through. Billie Kay and LeFort are an interesting pairing as we rarely see male managers for female competitors. 

3/9/16 -

Samoa Joe won 2/3 falls to become #1 Contender to the NXT Championship against Sami Zayn. I have this match going 40 minutes, the first fall didn't occur until 20 minutes in as Joe hit the muscle buster. Crowd was super in to Sami Zayn tonight, singing his theme song, then the ole' chants. It quieted down for those first 20 because Joe was putting a beating on Sami. Early in the second fall, Joe got busted open by a headbut, ref asked the trainer to wipe Joe's head real quick before we got going again. During fall two, Sami took a huge dive to the outside to take Joe out, then was able to lock in the Koji Clutch for his fall victory. Fall three was of course the best and most heated action, Sami hit a sunset flip powerbomb off the top for a nearfall, Joe was then able to hit a huge powerbomb, then in to a Boston Crab, transitioned in to a Crossface for a near submission, Sami was able to lock Joe in the Clutch for a near submission. The finish saw Sami Zayn submit to the Clutch. 

3/16/16 -

The Hype Bros beat Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford via Hype Ryder. Crawford was making his tv debut here. 

Emma w/ Dana Brooke beat Deonna Purrazzo via submission with the Emma Lock. Another good showing by Emma here in NXT, she just carries herself like a star. Deonna held her own yet again with a much more experienced wrestler.

Tommaso Ciampa beat Jesse Sorensen via submission using a bridging arm bar. Quick yet physical match, Ciampa has been impressive. 

NXT Women's Champion Bayley & Asuka beat Eva Marie & Nia Jax when Bayley hit the Belly To Bayley on Eva Marie. As usual, huge heat on Eva, "You Can't Wrestle" chants. After Bayley got the win, Nia carried Eva away on her shoulders. After the referee raised the winners' hands, Mr. Regal made his way on to the stage to announce that Asuka is the new #1 Contender to the NXT Women's Championship and would face Bayley at Takeover Dallas. The two were standing side by side during this announcement, then Asuka stepped around so she could look directly at Bayley. 

3/23/16 -

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan beat The Vaudevillains to become #1 Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships. Great action as per usual with these two teams, Jordan is the best hot tag in wrestling. Finish saw American Alpha put Aiden English up for the assisted german suplex and the win. They will face Dash & Dawson at Takeover Dallas.

Sami Zayn is out for a promo, talked about how even though he doesn't have a title match at Takeover Dallas he still wants to wrestle on the show, that NXT is like his baby. Mr. Regal again makes his way on the stage and says Sami Zayn will have a match at Takeover Dallas and it will be against NXT's newest signings, one of the best competitors in the world, the tron goes to static, then Shinsuke Nakamura's hair from behind, he turns around and the place is going wild. Loudest reaction I've heard in Full Sail. He said something yet the cheer was still going so nobody I know was able to catch what he said. Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura at Takeover Dallas.

Johnny Gargano beat Elias Samson, post match Samson attacked Johnny from behind and tried to rough him up before Apollo Crews ran towards the ring to stare down Elias. 

NXT Champion Finn Balor beat Rich Swann with the Bloody Sunday DDT in a non title match. Swann was out first to a great reaction, one of the most charismatic wrestlers to show up in quite a while. Once the people realized he was facing Finn, we had some back and forth chants but majority still for the champ. Great athletic action, Swann is the type of wrestler Finn can do amazing work with. Coup de Grace followed by the BloodySunday for the win. 

Alexa Bliss w/ Blake & Murphy beat Sarah Dobson ( SHINE's Crazy Mary ) with the Sparkle Splash. Short yet good match to showcase Alexa. 

Bull Dempsey vs. Danny Burch never happened as Samoa Joe attacked Bull before he made his way to the ring, then went in the ring to attack Burch as well. Refs can't stop Joe.

3/30/16 -

Asuka beat Emma w/ Dana Brooke via submission with the Asuka Lock. This match went over ten minutes, crowd wasn't as in to it as their previous matches, of course. Emma had control most of the match before Asuka fired up and applied her chicken wing crossface.

Austin Aries beat Riddick Moss via submission with the Last Chancery. Good reaction for Aries making his Full Sail debut, basic match to showcase Aries before getting his hold on Moss.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan beat John Skyler & Corey Hollis with the assisted german suplex. Showcase for American Alpha before their title match. 

Baron Corbin beat QT Marshall with a side slam. Then post match he hit the End Of Days which lead to a "One More Time" chant, he teased it, then waved the crowd off before leaving to even more boooes. They've had him win a few matches with the side slam to build it up as a secondary finish. Still a lot of heat on Baron after all this time.

NXT Tag Team Champions Dash & Dawson beat Tucker Knight & Steve Cutler and in a non title match with the shatter machine on Tucker Knight. Most of the match saw Dash & Dawson making quick tags to keep the punishment on Steve Cutler. Tucker was able to take a hot tag and run wild for a moment before the champs were able to give him the run around and a quick tag to catch the big man off guard before hitting their finish. 

Apollo Crews beat Alex Riley with his big slam. After the match, Elias Samson made his way on the stage to sing Crews a song. They'll face each other at Takeover Dallas. 

Samoa Joe beats Bull Dempsey with the Clutch rather quickly and doesn't let go of the hold, referees keep trying to get him to break the hold, Mr. Regal tries to send men out to handle Joe yet he destroys them as well, Finn Balor runs down and we have ourselves a brawl. They make their way to the commentary area, Finn even dove off the desk on to Joe, the brawl started and stopped a few times with Finn ending with the upper hand. That's our final build up for Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor II at Takeover Dallas.

William Regal announced that Nakamura was coming to TakeOver.