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NXT TV tapings spoilers: Finn Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura; AA vs. Revival 2/3 falls

I'm here at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, for NXT’s tv tapings.

- Dark Match: Tye Dillinger beat Kai Katana

Over the knee neckbreaker by Dillinger for the win.

- Bayley beat Alexa Bliss

Bayley wins via Belly to Bayley in a great match. Her post match promo was interrupted by Nia Jax as the build to their eventual rematch has begun.

- Blake & Murphy vs Hype Bros never happened as Rhyno returned to destroy them all

- NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival beat American Alpha in a two-of-three falls match

First fall went well over ten minutes with Jason Jordan catching Dash Wilder with an ankle Lock for the submission. Second fall happened rather quickly thereafter with Scott Dawson catching Jordan in a leg lock submission of his own. Third fall had some amazing nearfall attempts early on. Finally, The Revival hit an apron shatter machine on Gable for the win.

- NXT Champion Samoa Joe/s in-ring promo is interrupted by Rhyno. Joe backs away.

- Austin Aries beat Patrick Clark

Aries won with the Last Chancery submission. Post-match, No Way Jose ran down and attacked Aries.

- Andrade cien Almas beat Angelo Dawkins

Running knees in the corner followed by a moonsault for the win for ACA.

- NXT Women's Champion Asuka beat Eva Marie

Eva made Dasha Fuentes read a custom ring introduction for her, and it was amazing. The champ wins with the Asuka Lock. Crowd was actualy all over the place for this one. 

- NXT Champion Samoa Joe beat Rhyno

Physical match to set up Joe vs. the winner of Finn v Nakamura. Joe clamped on the Coquina Clutch for the win after a mean guy match.

- The Authors Of Pain beat American Alpha

- AOP jump American Alpha as they made their way to the ring. They brawled in the ring with Alpha getting the upper hand. All four men were in the ring and a ref called for the bell to start the match. Great action early on with Gable and Jordan suplexing the much larger men all over the place. Dive to the outside by Jordan, to get the place going. Authors took control and hit their double team assisted lariat finisher to win it.

- Bayley beat Nia Jax

Physical match. Bayley took a lot of punishment early on before getting fired up and finally hitting the middle rope Belly To Bayley for the win.

- Shinsuke Nakamura beat Finn Balor

Spotlight introductions. Crowd loves both so a mix of cheers, chants, and even respectful silence early on. Finn showed up Nakamura by Too Sweeting him in the face on a break. Incredible match with all of the key spots. It went a good twenty minutes and Shinsuke won it with the Kinshasa. Post match, they celebrated together, and Finn went around the ring telling fans thank you for their support. This seems like this finally might be it for Balor in NXT.